Michelle Obama a “Busy Single Mother” — Is the Obama Marriage a Sham?

In an interview with a Vermont television station, First Lady Michelle Obama was describing her busy lifestyle when she inserted an adjective that no one was expecting. Referring to herself as a “busy single mother,” Michelle almost instantly realized she had made a grave slip of the tongue and backtracked. Only it was too late. The clip is beyond viral and everyone is talking about it.
So, for starters, let’s be fair. Michelle made this unfortunate accidental declaration while trying to explain that having the President of the United States for a husband can leave you feeling single a lot of the time. The implication is not that she considers herself to be a busy single mother literally, but figuratively, as she elaborated on. However, her explanation only went on to do more damage as she made the abstract comment that Barack was “there.” Not a glowing representation of the President’s husband and father skills.
While we at Common Sense Conspiracy mostly feel that this was a simple slip of the tongue and nothing more, there are those out there that believe there is more to it. So, in keeping with our mission statement, we will present the other side of the story. The theories range from the innocent (Michelle and Barack aren’t really that close anymore and they are just going through the motions a la Bill and Hillary Clinton) to the outlandish (Obama is actually gay and the whole marriage is a sham).
The theories that they aren’t really that close stem from the news stories about the Obama’s infamous vacations. Quite often, Michelle and her daughters embark on vacations without Barack, often enough to make people speculate that there is a reason for it. And if you think the marriage sham theory sounds completely off the wall, believe you me, there is tons of information on the Internet about President Barack Obama’s former “gay lover” that was murdered for fear that he might come “out of the closet” just in time for Barack’s original presidential bid. Obviously, finding out the candidate was a closet homosexual and murderer would probably have damaged his chances, and no doubt his buddy Hillary Clinton would have been more than happy to drive that knife deep in his back.
Still, at the end of the day, we believe that there’s not much to the story except that life in the White House is unorthodox and probably a little tougher than we might think. Being under that microscope doesn’t help either. After all, a slip of the tongue like this will be played all over the nation and the world over and over again thanks to social media and YouTube. That’s a lot of pressure any time a camera is rolling.
The following clip shows the interview in question, followed by a black right wing British woman who is breaking political ranks to defend Michelle on this one. What do you think?

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  1. Fortunately for Michelle, it was merely a slip of the tongue, for had it been true, she would certainly have been attacked by social conservatives for contributing to the downfall of all that is good and wholesome in American society.

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