Mainstream Media Attacks Boston Terror Attack Conspiracy Theories: Who is the Paranoid One Now?

This is the image the mainstream media wants to portray anyone that questions the government as.
This is the image the mainstream media wants to portray anyone that questions the government as.

Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we routinely analyze, sometimes debunk, and fact-check various conspiracy theories.  We also pass along those that we find humorous, interesting, or that have some reasonable merit despite being unprovable to what us and our readers (the common man) have access to.  Just yesterday, we were one of the only conspiracy sites saying that the “mystery man on the roof” drama was nonsense.  It’s real, but a lot of people in Boston hang out on roofs during major events.  Hardly a reason for all of the national attention it has received.  As a matter of fact, even now, it is still a top search on major engines.  People love a good mystery, even as they feel a sense of loyalty and empathy with the victims of another despicable tragedy.

Today, while Common Sense Conspiracy hasn’t seen a lot of reason to beat the conspiracy drum on this one too hard so far, we have noticed an interesting phenomenon, one that has not happened in events like this in the past.  Normally, the mainstream media wholly ignores the conspiracy paradigm, and unless you have an unfortunate event like a “reporter” busting in a press conference (yesterday with Alex Jones), in the mainstream news, fringe conspiracy theories are simply not reported on.  However, in this particular case, all of the major news outlets have now released a story on their front pages addressing conspiracy theories regarding the Boston Marathon bombings.  All of them share a similar theme.  They recount some of the conspiracies being brought up, insult those that believe in it for being paranoid and delusional, and then attempt to debunk the theories, usually with completely unsatisfying conclusions that any conspiracy theorist worth their salt would have an immediate answer for.  To the average person that is not the kind that would be frequenting, oh, sites like this one or others in the circle, these mainstream media articles are introducing a lot of concepts that they may have never been exposed to before.  Our question is simple… who is the paranoid one here?

While the mainstream media and therefore the government as a whole want to paint conspiracy theorists everywhere as a paranoid bunch of mentally-challenged individuals, they are ironically presenting their own brand of paranoia.  Why this campaign by ALL of the major news sources to offset these conspiracy theories before they can even gain ground?  And this on the heels of an obvious “kill switch” incident that any major or even minor site in our circles certainly noticed yesterday?  Yes, we were silenced, as far as Internet search engines go.  Our articles about the Boston bombings presenting another side of the story would have easily reached thousands of readers…instead, the crickets chirped, and only our loyal readers found our articles.  Was this silencing so the mainstream media and government would have time to get their “official” stories out?

Never in the history of the Internet has the mainstream media appeared to be so concerned about conspiracy theorists making their theories public.  Never in the history of the Internet has their been a purposeful campaign to execute a preemptive attack against such theories.  When did conspiracy theories everywhere become so influential and viable that such a campaign was needed?

Could it be that people are waking up?  Could it be that the so-called “tin foil hat” guys are going more mainstream itself?  Could it be that mainstream Americans are starting to call bullshit when they see it themselves, and all of a sudden, conspiracy theories are not just for the “delusional” but for everyone to examine and make up their minds for themselves?

The funny thing about paranoia!
The funny thing about paranoia!

It is a testimony to the state of the nation that the government and mainstream media have to try to offset us.  The irony, of course, is that Common Sense Conspiracy actually agreed with a lot of their reports.  A lot of the so-called theories thus far (barely 24 hours into this thing) have been without merit.  And yet, the mainstream media feels the need to go on the offensive instead of staying on the … not defensive, but completely ignoring it altogether.

Where there is smoke there is fire, as the saying goes, and the mainstream media is trying to dispel conspiracy theories and American sentiment in this case.  Only, could it be that is having the opposite effect?

One thought on “Mainstream Media Attacks Boston Terror Attack Conspiracy Theories: Who is the Paranoid One Now?”

  1. I have a different perspective of why they are so adamant about crushing these theories. With social media being how a majority of Americans get their news (unfortunately), these conspiracy theories spread like wildfire and are taken at face value as an ultimate truth. It’s dangerous that people are confusing facts with theories. It’s easy to get swept up in the hype. fear and paranoia. While there is some validity to some theories, at the end of the day they are just one man’s view of an event. Until I can at least check some facts or have a shred of real evidence, it’s nearly impossible to separate opinion from truth.

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