Kevin Hart Wears a Dress After All — Illuminati Sets Comedian Straight

If you don’t know, there is a long-standing and well-documented conspiracy theory that black actors have to bite the bullet and do something horribly embarrassing, demeaning, and insulting to their masculinity in order to succeed in the Illuminati-dominated Hollywood environment. The list goes on and on, but virtually every successful African American actor you can name off the top of your head has passed this Illuminati rite of passage. Think about it. What are the odds really that so many actors, like Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy, Taylor Perry, Martin Lawrence, The Wayans Brothers…really, seriously, the list goes on and on, have dressed us as a woman at some point in their careers.
Naysayers always point to Denzel Washington. Well, according to the myriad of theories, dressing in drag is not the only way to satisfy this unorthodox job requirement, but it is usually the easiest way. Meaning that these black actors chose the path of least resistance and decided dressing up in drag was the best of the options put before them. Denzel Washington was shot in the butt in his movie “Training Day.” He received an Oscar for his performance and many feel that this was his selling out to the Illuminati. Apparently they have a lot of pull in the Academy.
Kevin Hart is the latest black actor to fall to this curious tradition. He recently dressed up in a comedy skit about the selection of the new Pope as a woman. Of course, proponents of this theory were eager to add another one to the list, but what is really damning about it is that Hart recently gave an interview where he specifically addressed these rumors. Hart said it was nonsense and emphatically declared that he would never, ever be featured in drag on a television set or movie screen.
Better think twice, Hart.
There’s two sides to every story. It could be that when Hart made that declaration, the particular comedy sketch had not been brought up to him, and when it was presented, he deemed it worth his while. Or it could be that the Illuminati didn’t much care for his public comments and decided to make sure he was the next target. One easy way to see is to sit back and wait. If Kevin Hart now embarks on a speedy journey to superstardom that no one saw coming, it can be pretty powerful evidence that there really is something to the dress theory.
We have a kind of before and after here with Hart’s interview where he says he would never be caught wearing a dress in public and the sketch where he broke his own promise. Enjoy, and as always, we want to hear what you think. Also, we are trying to put together a master list of all black actors that have done something like this in a movie, so if you notice one that was not in the above list, please contact us and help the cause.

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