Katt Williams Candidly Explains the Illuminati and Why He Is Not a Part of It

Comedian Katt Williams was asked what he thought about the controversy surrounding Kevin Hart biting the bullet and wearing a dress in a comedy skit. His answer seemed like he was going to dance around the topic at first, but then he went into a stone-cold, serious explanation of how the Illuminati has dealt with him and others, like Dave Chapelle, his whole career, and the consequences of not going along with their agenda and joining the club. While he remains non-judgmental about anyone that does decide to go that route, he proclaims that he will never be one of them and has paid the price for it.
Pretty amazing to see how openly this is being discussed. I’m sure there’s a few people at Illuminati headquarters that are a little upset about this interview. And probably even more upset now that it is being publicized further on Common Sense Conspiracy.