Joel Osteen Hoax — Christian Powerhouse Not Leaving Church or Rejecting Christ

images-35A terrible hoax on the Internet left many sheep of popular pastor Joel Osteen’s flock panicking this week. Make no mistake, however. Joel is as dedicated to his megachurch as ever and the vicious rumors resulting from the hoax are just that, rumors.
A rogue website created on a misspelling of Osteen’s name (we won’t list it because we don’t want to encourage this sort of behavior) linked to a supposed CNN article that exposed Osteen and his departure from pastoring because of a “lack of faith.” The article heralded Osteen “rejecting Christ.”
While we live in a time where Christianity seems to have plenty of detractors, it still is hard to see what kind of value the people behind this hoax could attain from causing so much distress. It’s not really funny and it certainly isn’t profitable. At the end of the day, it garners a lot of attention, but it won’t translate to anything in the long run because the hacks that started this site will never be able to reveal who they are or monetize their success in any way. When it’s all said and done, this is simply another attempt to make Christians in Osteen’s corner doubt their own faith for a second and balk at the idea that their fearless leader might pull an about face.
It’s funny how we live in age where tolerance is preached by the masses, and yet there is so much intolerance toward religion, a building block of our nation. Why is everyone going out of their way to try to throw stones at Christianity any way they can?
A more sinister agenda…perhaps?-