Jay-Z Song “Open Letter” Brags About White House Clearance for Cuba Trip — Barack Sells Out?

No place is off limits for this power couple.
No place is off limits for this power couple.

A lot was made of rapper Jay-Z and wife Beyonce Knowles’ recent trip to Cuba.  This power couple is always in the news and anything they are involved in will generate headlines.  This goes not only for the mainstream media, but plenty of alternative news sources as well, as Mr. and Mrs. Jay-Z are also often pinpointed as high-ranking members of the Illuminati.  In any case, the trip to Cuba was under the microscope almost immediately due to the regulations surrounding American visitation and trade with Cuba.

As you might imagine by the chummy relationship between the current residents of the White House and Jay-Z and Beyonce, it was not the Democratic Party asking question about the First Illuminati Family’s vacation.  Republicans cried foul, saying that the trip was a violation of American embargo laws against Cuba.  Turns out that Jay-Z and company did indeed clear the trip before making it…with the appropriate agency, the United States Treasury.

That news wasn’t the end of it though.  Jay-Z has been working overtime since his Cuba trip to release a new song called “Open Letter” that brags about the trip and his “White House clearance.”  Yes, he actually says in the song that the President of the United States gave him and his wife special permission to go on an otherwise illicit trip to Cuba.

Who got dat swagga?
Who got dat swagga?

Here’s the disturbing part…and a little history being made at that.  The White House actually released statements through the press secretary saying that addressing the rap song, saying that Jay-Z’s claims were unfounded.  The White House has nothing to do with granting anyone clearance to go to Cuba for any reason; this all goes through the Treasury.  So, in a first in American history, the sitting American President had to defend himself against allegations levied against him in a rap song written and recorded by a friend that has frequently visited the White House throughout his administration.  The same guy known for such works of art as “99 Problems (But a b**tch Ain’t One)”, “Ain’t No n**ga”, “Big Pimpin'”, and, of course, “Swagga Like Us.”  It is charming to think that President Barack Obama relates to this fellow on a personal basis, but at least we can all rest easy knowing that he did not make any special exceptions to allow his “n**ga” to go to Cuba.  It’s comforting.  But does Jay-Z feel like Barack sold him out by not owning up to it?  Do you really think that Obama had no idea that Jay-Z was trying to get clearance to go to Cuba?  I mean, wouldn’t that possibly come up while they were having dinner at the White House?

There’s some kind of old saying about watching who you keep company with.  Regardless of what you think of President Obama’s policies, it’s hard for anyone to not cringe just a little thinking about Jay-Z having the President’s ear on, well, just about anything.

Don’t worry.  Jay-Z did get the clearance he needed through the Treasury.  After all, he did write and record a song called “Dead Presidents.”

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