Is the United States Government Gearing Up for a False Flag Operation to Bolster Support for North Korea War?

Is this all a desperate ploy for a boy with Daddy issues to be taken seriously on the international stage?
Is this all a desperate ploy for a boy with Daddy issues to be taken seriously on the international stage?

Common Sense Conspiracy reported a couple of weeks ago on the media’s rhetoric regarding North Korea.  You could watch it develop right before your eyes.  For a while, the threat in North Korea was severely downplayed.  It didn’t matter how abrasive Kim Jong Un’s threats became, the media across the board categorically placed it in the silly blurbs and nothing to worry about category.  Then, all of a sudden, like someone flipped the spin machine light switch, North Korea was a major threat again.  Could they have enough technology to actually nuke the California coast?  Hawaii?  Japan?  The speculation went on and on as the rhetoric changed on a dime to support a new agenda.

Now, this week, it has gone through the roof.  More threats, what amounts to basically a declaration of war by North Korea on South Korea, and showings of military force on all sides of the triangle have pushed this to a full-blown international crisis.  Kim Jong Un has said that his military has the right to strike American forces at will and they will use anything at their disposal to do so.

As you watch the countless talking heads in the mainstream media, you see the two sides that always rise to the top in all things Americana.  In politics, we call it Republicans and Democrats, the two-party political system, but it actually permeates all of our culture.  The ones that call the shots behind the scenes, regardless of exactly what you believe they are, always play this game.  The media never stands up as one voice on anything; there is always two distinct voices that represent two very different sides of the same issue.  And both are given fairly equal time to present their case.  The goal, as always, is to make the average American think that anything is being debated.

Here’s some truth for you.  All the speculation about “Does Kim Jong Un have the balls to do it?” is bologna garbage (or malarkey, in the words of our vice president).  Make no mistake.  The American government from the top down knows precisely how much of a threat North Korea is.  They have known and will know.  They know what Jong Un has and how far he is willing to go?  They also know what his goal is in all of this.

That brings us to our scary point number one… they know.  But what we really should be debating is if they would do anything about it?  Pre-emptively?  Wait, that’s a dirty word in American politics after George W. Bush’s infamous preemptive strike against Iraq.  So, you see, it gets even more frightening when you look at all the implications.

Following in Daddy's footsteps...right until the end?
Following in Daddy’s footsteps…right until the end?

Let’s play it from the conspiracy side.  The powers-that-be want another war and to promote a changing of the guard in North Korea.  Perhaps they have brokered a deal with China behind the scenes and already want to make this happen.  Let’s just say they know that North Korea will indeed attack and is preparing to do so.  Would they act?  Of course not.  An attack would bolster support and pave the way for what they wanted to do anyway.  Conspiracy 101.  For beginners, they will simply let North Korea do what it wants to do and then look shocked and appalled whilst they send American troops to remove Kim Jong Un from power.

Now, let’s play it no conspiracy style.  President Barack Obama is making the decisions here.  Perhaps, like George W. Bush before him, he is approached by the CIA and others with concrete information that a North Korean attack on the United States or its interests is imminent.  Would Obama follow in the footsteps of our last president, knowing how the public would receive it?  Would he risk the Democratic Party’s 2014 election cycle on such an unpopular decision?  Or would it not be easier to let such an attack happen and then go forward?

So, you see, it really doesn’t matter whether there is a massive conspiracy to plunge us into war with North Korea or not.  The reality is that if Kim Jong Un is crazy enough to launch an attack, the American government will probably take that opportunity to let it happen.  It’s just easier (for them) this way, and it makes yet another war for regime change more palatable to the American people as a whole.  That is, of course, the ones that take what the government and the mainstream media as gospel.  For our loyal Common Sense Conspiracy readers, we will know the truth, but in the end, what can anyone really do about it?

Remember, the concept of a false flag operation is when the government believes something like this, despite causing damage and casualties to Americans, is better in the long run for the greater good of all Americans.  Can you imagine President Obama behind a closed door making such an argument?

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  1. I lived in Korea for a number of years and have been to the DMZ- does anybody notice the “American” broadcasters in Korea are desperately looking for one South Korean that is worried? They will never find one, because the South knows full well that it will only be a matter of time before their Korea is unified…shame on President Eisenhower from stopping MacArthur. Once again America got in the middle of a war in an Asian country and screwed it up for the future – once again we get to pay the price

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