Is Pitbull an Illuminati Plot to Dumb Down America? Or Are We Already This Dumb?

Well, the problem with this article starts immediately.  We usually frame someone with what they do and their name.  Like rapper Pitbull…but wait, do we really want to give him that monicker?  A rapper.  Okay, songwriter Pitbull… ugh.  Record producer Pitbull… hmm.

Dumbass Pitbull is known for his attempts at being an American songwriter, rapper, and record producer.  His songs and collaborations have brought him international fame, although you will struggle to find any one person that can write their own name that actually would claim to be a fan of Pitbull.  His lyrics make nursery rhymes look like calculus equations, and yet, he is apparently making millions of dollars while recording song after song ripping off those before him with sampling and pasting it with his raps that make you long for the soaring plot lines of Sesame Street or the Muppets.

To top it off, there is plenty of people that believe that Pitbull is an Illuminati henchman.  Our question is simple.  Is Pitbull an example of the Illuminati trying to dumb down America?  Or is he an example that the Illuminati knows just how dumb America already is?

Listening to a Pitbull song is a lot like a terrible car wreck.  It is atrocious and you know it immediately, but you can’t turn away.  Actually, the first time I heard a Pitbull song, I thought it was a Saturday Night Live parody of rap music.  But apparently this guy is actually taken seriously.  And some real pop stars are more than happy to sing bubble gum choruses alongside him, lending him more “credibility.”

What do you think?  Is Pitbull for real?  Is this supposed to be taken seriously?  Is America really this dumb?

We want to hear you weigh in.