Glen Beck Gives Ultimatum to President Obama: Tell the Truth About Saudi National or Else

We all heard the media reports about the Saudi national that was briefly in custody during the aftermath of the Boston terror attacks.  He was apparently being treated, then there are the wide speculative reports that First Lady Michelle Obama visited him in a Boston hospital.  From there, some say he was deported, others say he was issued a special apology from the President himself and promised “special health care.”  Glen Beck says he knows the truth about the Saudi national and if President Obama and the federal government doesn’t come clean by Monday, he’s going to release this information to the public.

So, in recap, Glen Beck knows something that will forever change the fate of our nation and the perception of our government.  But he’s going to wait until Monday so he can make sure he gets plenty of ratings by hyping this over the weekend.

Nothing says you care about American like gross capitalism.