Ever Heard of Bitcoin — The New World Order Official Digital Currency

With currencies all over the world suffering in fragile markets, wouldn’t you just know that someone out there is developing a one-world currency to help bring it all together and pick up the pieces?  How convenient!  Enter Bitcoin, the elitist Illuminati/Bilderberg answer to global economic woes and a one-way ticket to a New World Order.

4 thoughts on “Ever Heard of Bitcoin — The New World Order Official Digital Currency”

  1. bitcoin is disruptive tech. highly doubt gov’ts or bankers would be capable of that kind of creativity. it was most likely spawned by anarchist hackers, just because.

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  3. Would not touch it with a liberal’s salami sandwich! Illuminati – another word for horse hockey. I hope president for life oboma is entirely immerse in this filthy lucre.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

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