Cops Shoot Innocent Man Lying Unarmed in Bed 16 Times

Check out this news report from our friends in King County, Washington.  Apparently, police busted in and shot this man sixteen times in his bed.  For no reason except they “felt threatened.”  It turns out, predictably, that the man was completely innocent, was not he subject of an investigation, and there was no warrant involved with it.  More remarkably, he lived to tell the tale.  Not sure what that says for the police that they shot an innocent unarmed man sixteen times and he’s still alive to tell about it.  If they felt this threatened, looks like one of the sixteen shots would have been aimed to kill.  But let’s all be glad that somehow they were not successful.

We leave you with a very frightening quote in a news article about this event:

Since the incident occurred in February, the Kings County Sheriff’s office has taken steps to provide additional trainings to deputies to avoid shooting more innocent civilians in their beds.

We appreciate that, King County.  You try to make good on that promise, ok?