Christians Responsible for Boston Marathon Bombings? — Westboro Baptists Jovial After Blasts!

While Common Sense Conspiracy is not exclusively a Christian site by any means, we do wonder what could possibly be the motivation for a so-called Christian organization to jovially celebrate the Boston Marathon terror attacks.  Guess who would have the balls to do such a thing.  You guessed it.  Westboro Baptist Church.

Westboro doesn't play, that's for sure...
Westboro doesn’t play, that’s for sure…

Westboro is the closest thing you can have to “Christian extremists” without (so far) actually having bloodshed.  They believe in their Baptist doctrine to the degree that they will go to some ridiculous ends to, evidently, share their faith.  They might have outdone themselves on this one.

Westboro Baptist Church says that the Boston Marathon bombing terrorist attack is “God’s punishment” because Massachusetts famously became the first state to allow and advocate gay marriage.  Okay, so you think that?  They took it a step farther, actually Tweeting that they “Thank God for the Boston marathon bombs.”

In case you were hoping they were finished, Westboro plans to picket the funerals of the three killed in the blasts.  So, look for some more positive press for the WBC in the coming days.

Whatever your thoughts are on Christianity as a whole, Common Sense Conspiracy sincerely believes that the outlandish actions of the Westboro Baptist Church should not be considered as a representation of Christianity as a whole, nor the Baptist denomination.  While Baptists have a certain reputation, the actions of the WBC don’t even come close to reflecting their values.

Hackers Anonymous, frequently reported here on Common Sense Conspiracy, are putting aside their government tirades for a moment to say that what the WBC is saying they will do is especially messed up.  They have promised to retaliate on the WBC if picketing at these funerals takes place.  It should be noted that none of the victims of the blasts have been recognized as being homosexual or same-sex married, so why the WBC would even be able to concoct some sort of connection is hard to imagine.  But we know from past experience that they don’t really need one.