BREAKING NEWS: Fertilizer Plants Explodes in West, Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was written just after the explosion happened.  A lot of you are coming in on this article through search engines.  We have since written a more informative article about the conspiracy theories surrounding this event that is located here:  Conspiracy Theories Rampant After Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion:  Waco Connection?  Also, you can always check the Newsfeed at the top of the page for the latest information.


A strange week continues.  Now, a fertilizer plant has exploded in the town of West, Texas.  This town is near Waco for a frame of reference that all conspiracy theorists are familiar with.  This may sound like a simple industrial accident but reports are showing that this may be catastrophic.  There are already hundreds of injuries reported, and as many as ten buildings in the area are burning.  The photographs sent out on social media show just how big this explosion was, resembling a mushroom cloud from a nuclear blast.

Here’s some of the photographs.  Right now, no one is saying that this is anything other than an accident, but in the wake of this crazy week, who knows?  We have all heard about fertilizer being used in explosives for years, especially since the Oklahoma City bombings many years ago, so one has to wonder if someone could have purposely caused this explosion and the terrible destruction we are seeing.