Boston Marathon Bombings Facebook Page Set Up In Advance — Hoax!

As we have stated in earlier articles, we are approaching the various conspiracy theories surrounding this event on a rolling basis through this evening, so forgive us for the frequency of the postings, but we have no choice but to address each of these as they start to run rampant.

Much is being made of a Facebook page that appears to be created before the bombings.  A picture of the page is below.  This has caused many to buy into the false logic that whoever perpetrated the attacks created a Facebook fan page before it happened.  The reality is that this page’s name was changed after the attacks.  See, Facebook pages can have their titles changed by an administrator at any time, despite the fact that perhaps thousands of people already clicked that they like the original title.  This is how people use posts that pull at the heartstrings to net thousands of likes and then sell off the page to an upstart business who looks to be established.  The same thing happened here.  Someone simply changed an existing page to this name after the attacks, creating the illusion (intentionally or not) that the page was created before the attacks happened.

This one is a hoax all the way, so don’t believe a word of it.  Incidentally, it is possible that the person that changed the name was simply spreading the word and a positive message and then someone else spread the hoax, so the originator of the page is not necessarily responsible for what has happened.


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