Authorities, President Obama Ecstatic About Capture of Suspect in Bombings — A Little Too Sure?

The second bombing suspect Dzhokhar is in serious condition at a hospital, but is in police custody.  That’s great news for everyone.  However, a press conference featured a team of people involved in the investigation and subsequent capture that were jubilant.  The overall vibe being expressed by everyone is that this is over, they got their man, and the threat has been neutralized.  One speaker even emphatically said that the people of Boston could be confident that the threat had been removed.  President Obama was poised to echo those comments.

While the good work here by agencies and police is unquestionable, we do question the closure that everyone seems to have.  What do they know that they are not telling us that explains why they are so sure this is over and resolved?  With so many questions still out there, how can they be so sure that they have cut the head off of this snake?

Absolutely, there is reason for celebration and pats on the back.  But it just seems like they are going too far in guaranteeing the public’s safety.  Hopefully, they are doing this because they have concrete information that indicates that the people in custody or dead are the whole of the operation.  But we can’t help but wonder, since we are not being told all the facts.