Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Gymnastics Class — Insanity Result of Illuminati Mind Control?

It's been a long ride down the Illuminati train for Amanda Bynes.  Will she get off in time?
It’s been a long ride down the Illuminati train for Amanda Bynes. Will she get off in time?

Well, if DUI’s, crazy Tweets to the President of the United States, and an obvious if denied drug problem weren’t enough, starlet Amanda Bynes took her crazy behavior to new heights recently when she had to be escorted from a gymnastics class in New York because it was feared that she could be a danger to herself or others in the class.
Say what?

Murder...she Twote!
Murder…she Twote!

According to reports out on the net, Amanda lost it and went into a tearful fit after she performed a cartwheel and her wig fell off (yes, we know it sounds crazy). From there, she wandered around mumbling incoherently.
This is just the latest in a long line of bizarre incidents for Amanda. As a matter of fact, we simply don’t have time to tell you all the crazy things Bynes has been involved in over the last couple of years. The high points are her DUI in which she petitioned Barack Obama to fire the cop that arrested her, stripping down in another gym last year and being kicked out, and of course, Tweeting to the world that she wanted star Drake to “murder her privates.”
How could this Disney princess be this out of control?
Well, there are those out there that believe that Miss Bynes has been selected as the next in a long line of Illuminati-driven breaks with reality? Remember Britney Spears shaving her head? And Lindsey Lohan on basically any day of her life?
Has Amanda Bynes been selected to follow in the footsteps of other Illuminati magnates?
Let us know what you think, and consider the Disney Illuminati connection as well. This “bizarre” behavior actually follows a very distinct pattern that we are seeing over and over again in those that follow this pathway.
It has two possible endings: superstardom and riches on a whole new level or death. See the long list of Illuminati sacrifice deaths if you need more information. It appears that Britney Spears may have come out the other side okay for now, but the jury is still out on Lindsey Lohan and now Bynes.
Who will be the next Illuminati sacrificial death? And is there still time to turn it around?