15 Years in Federal Prison For Haircuts — Amish Men Gather Solemnly Before Leaving for Prison

This story is so bizarre and silly that we couldn’t resist addressing it in a comical way here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  But it isn’t without conspiracy theories, believe you me.  Many on the inside of this interesting case believe that the United States government brought these unbelievably hardcore charges and sentences on these men to try to break up the communities that some of the convicted helped to create and hold together.

It does seem a little extreme to sentence someone to fifteen years in federal prison for cutting another guy’s beard.  But, hey, this is America, the land of freedom, and most of all, religious tolerance.  Enjoy this somber video that shows a culture that many of don’t understand, and that probably at the end of the day deserves some credit for the fact that this scandal and “hate crime” is about as bad as their primitive living style permits crime to get.  Enjoy.