Why the Collapse of the United States of America is Not Imminent

All the doomsday prepping in the world won't buy you a ticket off the New World Order ride.
All the doomsday prepping in the world won’t buy you a ticket off the New World Order ride.

Conspiracy sites all over the Internet stay abuzz with talk of the United States of America collapsing.  It is one of the most common discussion topics you will find on forums, and plenty of sites make good money from advertisements catering to those that believe they must be prepared for the American apocalypse.  We’ve all seen the television programs like “Doomsday Preppers” on National Geographic that are cashing in on the insanity.  The reasons for this imminent collapse are as varied as the theories as to how long we have.  Some say that the overwhelmingly divided nation will plunge into a modern version of the Civil War.  Others say that the American dollar will finally lose the rest of its already diminishing value and slide down to the point that all of us, rich and poor alike, find ourselves with meaningless currency.  Common Sense Conspiracy examines these theories from time to time, and we are publishing this article today to try put your  mind at ease if you are one that is worried about this.  The fact is, the collapsing of the United States is not really imminent at all; in fact, the New World Order to come has much bigger plans for the U.S. of A.  That notwithstanding, if you take a step back and look at some of the reasons that people give for the upcoming collapse, a lot of them don’t hold water.

First, let’s look at the civil war theory.  Well, the nation certainly is divided, and after President Barack Obama secured four more years in the recent presidential election, there was even talk of secession of some states over Obama and his policies.  But it was just that…talk.  No serious move for secession was put forth by any nation.  The whole issue came up because ordinary citizens petitioned the White House on the Internet and then got thousands of other people to sign on.  Still, it amounts to a very small segment of the population.  While it may be true that there are many issues driving a wedge between factions of our nation, all out war is still in the very, very distant future.  On their worst day, Republicans and Democrats still co-exist.  Granted, they may do everything they can to make the other side’s day bad, but they stop short of trying to exterminate them.  After all, both sides are covertly aware that you can’t have one without the other.  That illusion of choice is what our country is built on and why we, the sheep, continue to allow them to have sovereignty over us.  If ever there was another civil war in America, it would be much more likely to be a war of the people versus the government, not a War Between the States.  And that, my friends, is not a civil war, but a revolution.  And while there may be those among us that think the time for a revolution is at hand, not enough Americans feel that way to let there be any chance of the people coming together to overthrow the government.  Put simply, it may not be the best of times, but it ain’t that bad yet.

The idea that the dollar could completely dissipate in value is a more reasonable theory, as the dollar has had plenty of ups and downs in recent years.  However, a lot of these theories that say the dollar will collapse, eventually leading to the collapse of the infrastructure of the nation itself, hinge on the idea that the debt will grow so large that we will no longer be able to generate enough funds to pay the interest on it, causing America to wholesale default.  Or, in another version of the same story, the dollar would lose value to the point that it wouldn’t even be accepted as payment.  While both of these calamities are possibilities, there are a few things to remember.  First of all, the debt is not what it appears to be.  A lot of people think that we owe so much to foreign nations, especially China, that they “own” us in a manner of speaking. However, if you look into these things further, you will find that the overwhelming majority of the national debt is owed to (gasp!) the Federal Reserve.  While the Fed operates as its own entity outside the clutches of Washington, it still is directly tied to the existence of the United States government.  Put simply, when it all comes down, the Federal Reserve is not going to foreclose on America.  It can’t.  It’s relying on those dollars to retain some value too.  As a matter of fact, it may be more invested in the value of the dollar than any one of us could ever dream of being.  So, once again, a lot of bad things might happen, but the United States will not collapse because of the fate of the dollar.  There are plenty of powerful people that will make sure of it.  However, it might get a lot worse before it gets better.

Will your money have more practical uses in the not-so-distant future?
Will your money have more practical uses in the not-so-distant future?

The New World Order movement has no intentions of the United States collapsing.  Instead, it is to expand, all the while snatching freedoms from the population, and hopefully driving everything to a central government that can then become so dominant that it can grow outward.  Remember the European Union?  This is an example of what the NWO plans for the U.S. over the next fifty years or so.  And then, at some point in the more distant future, they foresee the two joining together with perhaps another similar entity, then forging the real New World Order, the final installation of a one-world government.  Many cry foul about immigration reform in America today.  The truth is, these are no more than political talking points that are going nowhere.  The goal is for the United States to become the North American Union and basically gobble up Mexico, Canada, Central America, and Carribean nations.  The “path to citizenship” you hear the talking heads speaking of day in and day out on the mainstream news sources are just spinning their wheels.  The true path of citizenship will require no action at all; the world, and namely the Western Hemisphere of the Earth, is just not quite primed for the plan.  But they are inching closer, and every little thing is part of the whole.

So, are we saying that all of the conspiracy theories about the collapse of the United States are nutty?  Not at all.  We’re actually upping the ante with an even bigger conspiracy theory.  The United States isn’t going anywhere, not for any reason, until it explodes outward from within.  Stocking up gallon jugs of water, ammunition, and gold will not make you any better prepared for anything that is coming.  We are all on this ride, whether we choose to be or not.  As sure as the world will keep turning, there are those that will continue to advance their one-world agenda.

So what can you do?  Mainly, just make sure you aren’t missing the point by worrying and preparing for the wrong thing when your attention might be better focused elsewhere.

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