What is the Biggest Danger that Faces Earth Today?

Common Sense Conspiracy is taking a poll.  We want to know what our loyal readers believe is the biggest threat to our planet today.  Why?  To see where public opinion lies and to see how the mainstream media helps to mold our feelings on everything.  And also just to have yet another meaningful discussion with the ones that keep our little corner of the Internet afloat.

Will Bruce Willis be able to save us?
Will Bruce Willis be able to save us?

In the past month, several asteroids have buzzed the Earth at alarmingly close distances, causing many people, especially in conspiracy circles to wonder if the threat that everyone has heard about might be bigger than anyone previously gave it credit for.  Pretty much all scientists agree that the most likely end of the dinosaurs reign on the Earth came at the hands of a comet or asteroid slamming into the Earth, eliminating life and plunging the green and blue luscious planet into a harsh nuclear-esque winter.  Mathematicians and statisticians will happily run the numbers and tell you that there is a 100% likelihood that this happens again.  But then, we all like to have faith in technology.  We all like to think that NASA and organizations like it the world over are sure to detect such a threat decades ahead of a possible collision and with plenty of time to form an international coalition to do something about it.

And then the latest parade of asteroids happens, not to mention a meteor breaking windows over Russia in a dazzling display.  Most of these were not discovered until just weeks before they were almost visible with the naked eye.  While all of the close calls turned out to be nothing more than an awesome show, they have also been viewed as many as a warning that maybe we aren’t as up to the task of tracking and detecting these things as we thought.  With more asteroids being discovered on a daily basis, and many of them by amateur astronomers and not the so-called professionals, is it possible that we could find ourselves directly in the crosshairs of a collision with very little time to prepare for it?  Or, to go a step farther, could we be completely blindsided?  The last few weeks have not done a lot to help us Earthlings feelings of security.

If an asteroid doesn’t get us, the global warming talk is heating up (pardon the pun) constantly.  New reports say that the Earth is not just exiting an Ice Age cycle, but actually going forward into completely uncharted territory.  Some scientists now believe that the Earth is doing something that is totally unprecedented, and many believe that the activities of mankind is directly responsible.  Could global warming actually threaten our very existence in a relatively small time frame?  And is there anything we can do about it?

Is global warming our biggest fear?
Is global warming our biggest fear?

It’s a good question.  Not many out there have suggested that we actually stop burning coal for energy.  Stop producing everything with gas-guzzling machines.  Stop poisoning the world.  But could it come to that?  And how could you ever be sure that everyone would hold up their end of the agreement?  If incremental changes might help, would it only be prolonging a global warming-induced Earth fireball, or can the crisis truly be averted.  Remember the o-zone layer crisis?  A world coalition was able to get most nations to agree not to use the hazardous chemicals.  While many less civilized nations continue to do the things that caused the o-zone to deteriorate, the coalition was enough to get it to a level where the Earth could keep up with the pollution and effectively repair itself.  Is there a means by which we could achieve the same success with global warming?

Another possible event that could put the Earth in danger is completely manmade in nature.  We’re talking a massive, all-out nuclear war.  With North Korea threatening to nuke the United States on a day-to-day basis right now, could this threat be closer than we think?  There are plenty of differing points of view on a World War III scenario.  It’s hard to imagine anything happening that would make any nation feel like an all-out nuclear war was a good solution, and yet, if you look back in history, this common sense approach never wins out.

So, we put it to you, our readers…what is the biggest danger that the Earth faces today as far as truly catastrophic worldwide events?  What do you think of when someone says the word apocalypse?  Let the debate begin.
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