The Most Terrifying Conspiracy of All: There is No Conspiracy!

They think I actually have a plan, a conspiracy against them?  That's hilarious.  A plan?  Seriously?
They think I actually have a plan, a conspiracy against them? That’s hilarious. A plan? Seriously?

I know, I know.  At first glance, you’re like “Huh?”  And with good reason.  However, something came to the attention of the staff here at Common Sense Conspiracy after some spirited conversations with people that (gasp) actually believe the current administration and the United States government as a whole is trying to do what is best for the nation.  To our surprise, we accidentally discovered the most terrifying conspiracy of all, one that makes all the 9/11 theories, all the Obamacare gripes, all the executive orders, all the New World Order talk, all the nuclear bomb threats, all the…well, you know the list goes on and on… but it makes all the viable conspiracy theories that we discuss and research on a daily basis here pale in comparison when you think about how sinister this one is.

What if the greatest and most frightening conspiracy of all is that there isn’t one?


Yeah, we know.  But take a second and think about it.  We assume that if you are stopping by a website like ours, you are not one of the sleepwalking minions (and that was the nicest possible term we could come up with) who faithfully believes what the mainstream media sells them and has a gentle, naive heart that believes that cronies like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, or even Ronald Reagan are really looking out for their best interest and that of the country.  Throw in the world too, just to keep it interesting.  Or the even more devastating cases that believe that one side or another, being Republican or Democrat currently, is somehow the good guys and the other side is the bad guys.  Like we said, if you are seeking information from alternative sources, like Common Sense Conspiracy, you have at least exhibited some signs of life under your hair.  Maybe you are fully awake, or maybe you are just taking the first steps.  In any case, you are considerably farther ahead than most of America.  So, assuming that, then you probably believe there is more to the story than what they serve to you on a golden plate.  You probably believe in agendas, believe in things like a New World Order, or some entity like that that we are all systematically being pushed toward.  You probably believe that freedoms are slowly but surely being taken away from us or quietly morphed into a new “freedom” that resembles the old freedom, just without all the bells and whistles.

If this is the best America can do, maybe a New World Order wouldn't be so bad after all?
If this is the best America can do, maybe a New World Order wouldn’t be so bad after all?

Well, what if you, and us, are wrong?  I mean dead wrong.  I mean completely, totally wrong.  There is no conspiracy.  The only agenda is trying to do the right thing for America.  The only plan is trying to push for world peace and give us all a nice safe retirement to look forward to.  To get us all a good, affordable health care plan so we can live to be 100 even though the government routinely expresses that it doesn’t have the funds to afford a society in which that happens.

And then, here’s the frightening part:  If there is no conspiracy, then we have to actually accept that what is being done is truly the best they can do.  We have to accept that instead of a world agenda, they just really suck at what they do.  So bad that we have a $16 trillion national debt that we are adding to by the minute, despite the fact that we are only nearly four months into the year.  And our President, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, says, “Ah…it’s no big deal.”  No, really.  He said that.  It’s all under control.

Meanwhile, the government routinely allows itself to run into self-imposed spending limits which it then turns into a big circus that always ends the same…with the vicious money addicts approving themselves to use some more.  Meanwhile, social security is very publicly in danger, and no one even discusses it…even in a presidential campaign.  They set obscure deadlines for leaving Afghanistan in 2014, leaving our troops to fight day to day now actually knowing it is for no reason.  And the ones that joined the military hoping for some help with college tuition, well, they sat around and couldn’t reach a deal, triggering sequestration.  Now, thousands of our soldiers are getting one of their greatest benefits pulled.  And why, for a little political grandstanding?  Because Obama doesn’t want to look weak, meanwhile looking like an idiot instead.  And the Republican Party doesn’t want to look weak and back down, meanwhile looking like they don’t even know what country they are in.

In any job in America in private industry, what Congress and President Barack Obama have done (or not done, to be more precise) would be considered job abandonment.  They would be terminated with no questions asked.

So, there you have it.  If you’re not afraid after that, then we can’t help you.  People ridicule those that believe in conspiracies and government agendas.  Just recently I heard a good friend of mine refer to it as “conspiracy babble.”  Maybe those that try to ridicule people for thinking for themselves should stop a minute and think to themselves that even if we are delusional about these things, maybe it’s a way of defending ourselves and minds against this atrocity that we call our government.

How sad is it that believing there is no conspiracy is more disturbing than believing there is one?  How frightening is it to think that instead of systematically herding us into their agenda, they really just don’t have a clue?

Pretty damn scary, we think.  So, our question is, what do you hope for?  Do you hope there is a New World Agenda and this is all part of the “plan?”  Or do you hope that this is really good government at its finest?

Is there even a such thing as choosing between the lesser of two evils?  Maybe it’s all just evil, and that’s all there is to it.  Maybe the only way to find the lesser evil is not to choose.


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  1. This article is probably the most frightening of all the articles that i read related to conspiracy theories in general because if this really is the best the us government can do the world is screwed.

    But seeing that there have been past presidents like FDR who can show that this is not the case I really don’t believe it but it is a frightening thought nonetheless.

  2. I cannot believe this particular article-i have have seen too much evidence pointing the other way

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