Should Democrats Not Be Allowed to Buy Guns?

Uh oh!  Lib with a gun!  Hide the women and children!
Uh oh! Lib with a gun! Hide the women and children!

The Democratic Party’s longing for gun control is nothing new, and recent events have made this mostly overlooked issue throughout a very important presidential election rise to the surface.  Debates have raged on and on about the link between mental illness, access to guns, and the sudden outbreak of violence with very little explanation.  Classically, the Republican Party and a huge lobby from the National Rifle Association strongly oppose anything remotely resembling gun control, regardless of how reasonable it may be.

Those against President Obama’s recent gun control measures often make the argument that guns don’t kill people, people do.  The idea behind the argument, of course, is that a rational person owning a gun for the protection of him or herself and family is not a danger to anyone except someone trying to do harm to them.  It’s a good argument.  We get it.  Bad people with guns is bad.  Good people with guns is, well, maybe not necessarily good, but you get the picture.  However, as Democrats continue their crusade to institute gun control on everyone, some people are starting to look at the events that are most often cited in gun control in more detail.  And a few interesting facts are rising to the top.  For instance:

  • The Fort Hood shooter was a registered Democrat.
  • The Columbine shooters were too young to vote, but they were raised by Democrats, as a matter of fact, what is referred to as “progressive liberals.”
  • The Virginia Tech shooter wrote hate mail to President George W. Bush and his staff.  He was a registered Democrat.
  • The Batman shooter in Aurora was a registered Democrat and even worked on President Obama’s election campaign staffs in the area.
  • The Newtown, Connecticut shooter was a registered Democrat.

Are you seeing an interesting pattern, here?  Well, a lot is being made in conspiracy forums of the fact that it seems that all of the shooters are Democrats, and most often, “progressive liberals.”  So, it kind of leads to the question:  are Democrats pushing for gun control to protect them from themselves?  Do they realize that they are the problem and must be neutralized?

That'll teach 'em!
That’ll teach ’em!

Are we saying that all Democrats are crazed gunmen waiting to happen?  Maybe some are trying to insinuate that.  It is the opinion of Common Sense Conspiracy that this interesting fact is probably nothing more than a statistical anomaly.  We don’t believe that Americans of either political persuasion are more likely to have a propensity for this type of senseless violence than any other.  So, don’t kill the messenger, here.  We are just putting this before our loyal readers to see what they think.

For your information, Timothy McVeigh was a Republican.  And, yes, his terrible action in Oklahoma City could easily dwarf anything on this list.  However, after the Oklahoma City bombings, no one came forward saying that no one should be allowed to have fertilizer.  Anytime anything happens with guns, it becomes a national issue, and it always focuses on everyone.  Are we as a society treating the symptom rather than the disease?  Or are Democrats simply opportunistically using an unfortunate series of random events to their political advantage to advance a long-forged agenda?

Politicians would never do something like that, right?

So, the bottom line:  it seems that a lot of the mass shooters were Democrats.

And what does that mean?

Probably not much.  But it is interesting.  And while we don’t agree that this is a fair characterization that Republicans are trying to make when they present this as an argument, we do pose this question.  If a member of the NRA suddenly went on a rampage killing innocent people with automatic weapons, do you think the Democrats would probably have something to say about it?

That’s politics.  So are agendas.  One person’s tragedy is another person’s treasure.  For the average American, the events in Newtown were horribly tragic.  For a political party that would like to pass gun control, it was a day to dance in the streets and be happy for this gold nugget that fell in your lap.

That is the system we citizens allow to represent us, so ultimately, we should all shoulder our part of the responsibility.