Russell Simmons Says the Illuminati Doesn’t Exist — Blame Game?

An interview with record producer Russell Simmons turns up some interesting thoughts about the Illuminati.  Simmons seems to think that people just use the concept of the Illuminati to have something to blame when they don’t succeed or live up to their expectations.  Often considered to be a shoe-in for the elite group due to his place in the music world and close relationships with Beyonce and Jay-Z, Simmons actually talks quite candidly about the non-existence of everyone’s favorite secret society.  What do you think?  Is Simmons being on the level, or is his denials a little too adamant?

2 thoughts on “Russell Simmons Says the Illuminati Doesn’t Exist — Blame Game?”

  1. Actually, Russell’s premise is pretty much spot on. Would it not seem it’s incumbent on those putting force these theories to bring to the table, shall we say, ANY credible evidence the New York Times could run with? Nobody should hold their breath. Additionally, at least those of you with what you see as a tangential theological interest in this question, and such as this New World Order, et cetera, I would put forth to you that you have the cart before the horse and the question, itself, is irrelevant. But the fact of the matter? Most all conspiracy theories are just that, in most all cases wouldn’t be categorized as “theories” were there any substance. The reasons are voluminous why this is true. It can be shown the errors, though I’ve long since ceased to argue with many of those who purport these fantasies, as, in my experience, it has always been the case that the rabid conspiracy theorist is believing what he wants to believe and isn’t subject to any facts or reason. It’s a case where one must be ready to give up their comic books, before moving on to literature. I suppose the only real conspiracy is that you’re nicely diverted by forces that don’t want you to see what is really going on.

  2. he’s a member also anybody connected with jay-z and beyonce so strongly is one wake yall a*$ up to this nwo the messages r n their music, videos and movies they trying to distract and brain wash you keep the true god close….God Bless!

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