Rapper Lil Wayne in Critical Condition — Sizzurp or Illuminati Murder Plot?

Sizzurp is usually consumed from a styrofoam cup.  In this photo, it is quite possible that Lil Wayne is drinking some sizzurp, and possibly engaging in some other illegal activities at the same time.
Sizzurp is usually consumed from a styrofoam cup. In this photo, it is quite possible that Lil Wayne is drinking some sizzurp, and possibly engaging in some other illegal activities at the same time.

Rapper Lil Wayne has long been rumored to have his beefs with the Illuminati, refusing to bow to their wishes and do things in line with their agenda.  This rebellion certainly didn’t cost Lil Wayne in terms of popularity, as he is easily one of the most successful rap artists performing today.  However, many in conspiracy circles believe that the Illuminati has not taken Lil Wayne’s rejection of their cause lightly.

We have chronicled the concept that Lil Wayne and a few select other prominent music artists, like Bruno Mars and Jennifer Hudson, have attempted to band together to start their own elite group in direct combat against the Illuminati.  Jennifer Hudson has spoke out against the Illuminati directly from time to time, and we all know about the brutal series of events that happened with her family.  Lil Wayne hasn’t been shy about speaking about his Illuminati-inspired problems.  As a matter of fact, we have posted a video below from the Internet from a Lil Wayne fan that breaks down several of his songs and describes how the lyrics detail his struggles and even recognize high concepts like the New World Order and such.

Having said all of this, you can imagine that conspiracy theories were running wild when it was announced that Lil Wayne was hospitalized for the second time this week.  Apparently, he has been suffering from unexplained seizures, and this particular episode put him in critical condition.  It got so bad that there was wide speculation that he might be dead.  It wasn’t until a Twitter message from his official account said he was okay that the panic ended.  If you don’t think Lil Wayne is a major player on the music scene, consider that his Tweet that he was alive and well was retweeted over 100,000 times within minutes.

So, is Lil Wayne recovering from an attempt by the Illuminati on his life?  Well, despite the fact that the Illuminati may very well wish some ill will toward Lil Wayne, it seems more likely that in this case, the attempted murderer is Lil Wayne himself.  It is widely reported in the celebrity rumor mill that Lil Wayne is addicted to a drug concoction called “Sizzurp” on the street.  Sizzurp is a super-addictive drink that gives the user a euphoric high through a mixture of prescription-strength cough syrup and sugar-laden sodas and various hard candies.  Put simply, prescription-strength narcotics normally used to treat cough and cold symptoms is delivered in large doses while made more palatable through mixing with soft drinks and candy.  Sizzurp levels, in case you were wondering, are not just juicing a little extra cough syrup for fun.  For a true sizzurp experience, people routinely take as much as 25 times the recommended dosage.  This can be lethal, but the high is apparently so great that it is also highly addictive as well.

Even if there weren’t plenty of rumors that Lil Wayne has a sizzurp problem, we need look no farther than the man himself if we need more information.  He glorifies the concoction in several of his songs and certainly is not trying to hide his love for it and its effects.

The bottom line:  Lil Wayne has given the Illuminati plenty of reasons to put a target on his back, but they probably aren’t too worried about him, because despite his wide influence and rebellion, he is quite likely going to take himself out by his own self-destructive behavior.  And they don’t mind taking a victory be forfeit every once in a while, if necessary.

The following video shows a breakdown of some of Lil Wayne’s lyrics.  We are not the creators of this video and are only sharing it as an extra resource to those that are interested.  You should be warned that Lil Wayne’s lyrics are highly explicit and if this bothers you, you certainly might want to skip out on this video, the contents of which is more an entertaining side note than any real, concrete information.

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