Rand Paul Filibusters Against Obama’s Drones — Compares Obama to Hitler on Live Television

Rand Paul, son of everyone’s favorite Constitution defender Ron Paul, is currently getting a lot of attention…as long as you are not watching any normal, mainstream media. He is currently filibustering against President Obama’s latest “shredding of the Constitution” that is making it clear that the possibility of a drone strike against an American citizen on American soil is no longer outside the bounds. Of course, in a now more than three hour filibuster session, Rand Paul has rambled on quite a bit, but the clip below shows one of his more entertaining moments when he invoked good old Hitler as an example of democracy getting it wrong and the need for government checks and balances. Of course, he’s not comparing anyone to Hitler, right? He was very clear that he was not doing that. He even said it more than once. I’m sure he in no way believes or wants to insinuate that Obama may be a Hitler-esque figure.
It’s refreshing that this is actually playing out on live television on C-SPAN2 as this article is written. However, it is just as interesting that the mainstream media won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Meanwhile, conspiracy and alternative news sites, like this one, are all over it, letting people know that someone is actually trying to make a stand, even if it inevitably will fail. Everyone knows that the new King Obama always gets his way, and while Paul may have a few more hours in the sun standing up for what he believes in, this country doesn’t run on principles like that. If his insolence continues, don’t be surprised if Paul doesn’t suffer a tragic accident. You heard it here first.
In the meantime, Obama probably laughed and scoffed when he heard what Paul was doing. After all, silly things like the United States Constitution has always been a laughing matter for him. Who knows? Maybe Rand Paul will be the first American drone strike on American soil. Poetic justice?

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  1. Its amazing how soon people forget the coment that George W Bush made when he was reminded by his aids that his plans for setting up homeland security would be trampling the fourth ammendment and others,he said, “Constitution constitution, the constitutuon is nothing but a G-d d—-d piece of paper! Obama is not the first to show contempt for our founding document.

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