Police May Be Able to Locate Baby Chloe’s Parents by Rare Early Tooth — A Commercial for Abortion?

Sweet Chloe is a victim today.  Just a few weeks ago, she could have been a statistic.
Sweet Chloe is a victim today. Just a few weeks ago, she could have been a statistic.

Ok, well, we know we’re gonna ruffle some feathers with this one.  Yes, this particular situation we are about to address is terrible and yes, we at Common Sense Conspiracy hope that the parents are located and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (which, as usual, will probably not be nearly appropriate to the crime).  Before you tell us to burn in hell, realize that from this point forward, the article is written to be informative but also as a satirical look at our society and the way we look at things.

Chloe is a week-old infant in Texas that was discovered by a good lady walking her dogs in a plastic bag outside of an apartment complex.  That’s right, another baby abandoned by her mother and quite literally, and sickeningly, thrown out with the trash.  The baby’s name is not Chloe.  That was the name affectionately given to her by the people that came to the four-pound infant’s rescue.  Since then, Chloe has captured the nation’s heart and enraged minds.  It seemed at first that the chances of identifying and locating the abandoning mother might be next to impossible, but a unique genetic trait that comes only at a rate of one in every two thousand births caused Chloe to have a very early tooth.  Authorities now believe that the tooth may help them narrow down suspects and have a better chance at locating Chloe’s parents and trying to bring some justice in the case.

What makes the case even more terrible is the fact that Texas has an infant safe haven law.  This law, which Texas was the first in the nation to put on the books back in 1999, basically gives amnesty to a mother that wishes to anonymously give up a newborn, provided that she does so at designated locations with measures in place to make sure the babies are taken care of until they can be placed in a permanent home.  So, whatever piece of human garbage left Chloe behind could have just as easily dropped her off at a place where she could be cared for and walked away without incident.  Instead, she chose to deposit Chloe in a trash bag and throw her out, probably secretly hoping that she would never be found and would simply be collected up and washed away in a sea of fast food wrappers and household garbage.  It is a beautiful thing that someone located her in time, and it may be a rare turn of good luck for the good guys if this rare genetic trait makes her parents traceable.

The infant safe haven law gives Texans an opportunity to do the right thing if they feel they have no other choice but to abandon a newborn.  However, the real crime here for the mother of poor Chloe is that she didn’t have a little money and a little advance notice.  Because, the infant safe haven law is actually in effect everywhere in the United States of America at all times.  It is called abortion, and it is an easy way to deal with these situations and avoid the legal circumstances that this woman could now face if tracked down.  That’s right, if she had just had the sense to slaughter this child a few weeks before now, there would be no penalty, no one would have ever even have known about Chloe, and she would already be on with her life and not wondering if the cops were about to knock down her door.  But because she made the mistake of waiting that few weeks and letting that child actually move from her womb to the outside air, now there is a whole new set of rules that must be applied.

How many people that are cooing about poor Chloe, the one-week infant, openly support abortion?  If you do, then what you are saying is that one week determines whether Chloe’s mother is a law-abiding citizen or an attempted murderess.  What you are saying is that if she had simply aborted the child, she would have no legal liability, and in fact, you would support her actions against Chloe.  After all, a woman has a right to choose, right?  So, it’s all about seven lousy days that makes all the difference in the world.

Let it be a lesson to mothers everywhere in America.  Be prepared.  Have your mind right.  Make sure you kill that baby before it’s too damn late and you find yourself in a real pickle, like the mother of Chloe.

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