Muslim Rights — Will Polygamy Be the Next Gay Marriage?

Oh, haters.
Oh, haters.

With the Supreme Court set to start hearing arguments on the constitutionality of bans on gay marriage next week, polls across the nation are showing that for the first time in history, more Americans support same-sex marriage than oppose it.  The reasons for this dramatic shift in the American point of view are many.

For starters, President Barack Obama flipped the script when he announced his support of gay marriage in an election year.  A gutsy move and one that made it okay to be pro-gay.  Since then, people have been coming out of the woodwork to support gay marriage, Republicans and Democrats alike.  However, a more potent reason is the changing of the guard.  More old people are dying off, and more younger people are passing the age required to be able to vote.  Since younger people are much more likely to be open to the concept of same-sex marriage, the numbers are changing fast.

There is another group of people in the United States that are watching the Supreme Court closely this next week.  Muslim Americans have been quietly watching the gay movement over the last decade, especially as they became subject to American suspicion and persecution after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.  This set Muslim Americans back big time in equality in the nation, but America still has religious freedom, and Islam is still welcome to be practiced there.  Only one problem:  Islam allows polygamy.

Equality for all...
Equality for all…

So, American law has caused many Muslim Americans to have to single out just one wife because there full array of wives could not be legally recognized.  So, as the gay marriage lobby seems poised to succeed at last, there are other Americans ready to make their own play for equal rights.  If the Supreme Court strikes down bans on gay marriage and opens the door for it to be legalized nationally, will this be the moment that our persecuted and discriminated against Muslim brothers are waiting for?

And what would be the battle cry against polygamy being legalized?  Some sort of moral ground.  Could it be that a nation that still has a few Christians feel that polygamy is wrong, in accordance with their religious beliefs?  Could it have something to do with the Bible?  Surely, we won’t use any of these guidelines in discriminating against these Americans.  They are Americans, after all, no matter where they originated or what religious persuasion they hail from.  They deserve all the equal rights and protections under the law, just as homosexuals do.

So, let Common Sense Conspiracy be the first to kick off this next civil rights movement.  You heard it here first. When will polygamy be legalized, because to not allow and legally recognize these extra wives of Muslim Americans is a clear act of discrimination.

We need to change now.  Now that we are putting petty things like this behind us, why just extend the discrimination to another group?  It’s time to stop the hate and realize that every person has the right to do anything the hell they want to do at any given time, and there is absolutely no reason that any law should come between them.

So, let’s see the poll on polygamy and where America stands.  When Obama “evolves” on this issue, then the public can gravitate in the righteous direction.  Until then, I guess the Muslim Americans will continue to suffer this abomination.

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