Mainstream Media Changes Its Mind — So Now North Korea is a Problem?

North Korea and South Korea are legendary enemies.
North Korea and South Korea are legendary enemies.

Last week, North Korea was a daily fixture in the mainstream media news.  First, the impoverished nation threatened to directly bomb the United States with a nuclear weapon.  This was met with a bunch of lukewarm articles that basically said, “Oh, he’s always saying silly things like that.”  Then, the “rhetoric” escalated as more threats were made against the United States and South Korea, their perennial foe.  Again, the media sighed and said “He’s at it again.”

And then, suddenly, something changed.  Literally, overnight.  A couple of days ago, the attitude of the mainstream media was as mentioned above.  And then, all of a sudden, it seems that North Korea is a real problem that we must all take notice of.  All of a sudden the erratic actions of the North Korean government makes them a real and poignant threat to the rest of us.

But when they directly threatened to unleash a nuclear bomb on the United States last week, it was no big deal at all.

Call us crazy here at Common Sense Conspiracy, but does it not seem like maybe something changed?  Something happened behind the scenes that made the media, who is supposed to report the news, decide to flip the script and go into red alert danger mode.

This is why sites like this have so much disdain for the mainstream media.  This is a classic example of the media, which is made up of various news networks that claim to compete with each other, setting an agenda and then reporting it as if it were fact.  The agenda last week was to downplay the North Korean threat.  That agenda changed on a dime, and now we are full-on fear monger mode.  But there is no visible reason for the sudden change in the outlook.  That’s because someone behind the scenes simply decided that the entire outlook would change.  Not because of facts or happenings, but because the propaganda machine has decided that the American people need a new direction.  So, one day it’s no big deal, the next day we should all build bomb shelters.

What’s wrong with accurate news reporting and truth?  According to the mainstream media, EVERYTHING!

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