Mainstream Media Blasts CPAC But Ignores Ben Carson — Your Next Republican Presidential Candidate?

Ben Carson...the Republican savior?  The heir to Obama's throne?
Ben Carson…the Republican savior? The heir to Obama’s throne?

Turn on your friends at the mainstream media and all you’ll see are articles about the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and how one Republican figure blasted Obama with rhetoric and baseless claims.  Right now, Sarah Palin is top of the newscast for calling Obama a liar (well, like everyone else in the town he now lives in, it is technically true).  The articles try to make the entire conservative conference look like an assortment of overzealous Christians and racist, redneck trailer-park trash assembled to blast the savior and new King of America, Barack Obama.  And if you believe exactly what they say, then I guess that is what it is.  But the mainstream media has wholly ignored what is by far the most talked about speaker of CPAC.  Enter Ben Carson.

Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon, celebrated.  His greatest achievement is an astounding career is his successful separation of conjoined twins.  He is blackballed by the media because he had the audacity to openly criticize President Barack Obama’s tax and health care policies and refusal to work on a meaningful reduction to the national debt right in the Prez’s face at the National Prayer Breakfast (not sure what Obama was doing there).

Ben Carson is a black man.  African American.

In his speech to CPAC, he addressed his race openly, saying that on the neurological level, our brains are the same, and why should anyone be forced to accept a certain ideology because of their race?  Many believe that Carson could already be paving the way to be a 2016 Presidential nominee…and on the wrong side of the tracks from the common African American consensus.  The African American population votes predominantly Democratic, and the rise of Barack Obama only solidified that fact.

On the bright side, if Carson does rise and become the Republican nominee, which would certainly be the kind of bright, nonconventional choice that the Republican Party is desperately searching for, it should finally close the debate of whether black people voted for Barack Obama simply because he was black.  Many people (Republicans and white, mostly) have accused black people of the ultimate form of racism by selecting Barack Obama simply because of his race.  If this is true, then if the Republicans ran Ben Carson against, I don’t know, say Hillary Clinton, then the black people would therefore vote for Carson and catapult him into the White House just as easily as they did Obama.  Right?  That’s the theory of the white Republicans.  Is it true?  Would African Americans continue to vote Democratic even if their was only one black candidate and that one was a Republican?

Could it be possible that African Americans, or as I prefer to recognize them, Americans, might consider the views of the candidates, consider the state of the nation, consider the problems facing our nation, consider their own beliefs, and make an educated, sound decision not based on political party affiliation but what is right for the country, themselves, and what makes sense?

If they did, that would be awesome, regardless of which way they went.  Because White Americans, or as I prefer to recognize them, Americans, have a long, sordid history of voting based on political party, with no respect of what the situation is, settling on a candidate just because they wear the team colors they like the best, and not at all considering whether or not said candidate has the right views and initiatives in mind to act best as the director of this nation.

What’s worse?  Voting for the black guy just cause he’s black?  Or voting for the Democrat just cause he says he’s a Democrat?  Or voting for the Republican just cause he says he’s a Republican?  Or voting for the white guy just because he’s white?

Maybe all of us Americans need to examine our decision-making process.  But in any case, the mainstream media is not racist at all.  They will happily turn on any black man that opposes Barack Obama without any prejudice whatsoever.