Kanye West Declares Himself God With New Album Title — “I Am God” Not Kanye’s First Dance With the Devil

Kanye isn't afraid to go there, that's for sure!
Kanye isn’t afraid to go there, that’s for sure!

Well, the rumors are swirling that Kanye West plans to release a new album this year.  While Kanye’s camp has neither confirmed nor denied it, the word on the street is that the album will be entitled simply (or not so simply, depending on how you look at it) “I am God.”  Quick and to the point, right?

Kanye West is no stranger to, well, comparing himself to the Man Upstairs.  As a matter of fact, religious controversy is just as common in Kanye’s repertoire as any other kind.  After all, this is the man that once put himself in Jesus Christ’s shoes in a music video and then graced the cover of Rolling Stone with his head adorned with thorns.  Subtle.  Then, Kanye and a very pregnant Kim Kardashian, made waves when they imitated the Christ Redeemer statue while on vacation in Brazil.  So, this rumor that Kanye might wish to name his latest release onto his minions “I am God” seems like a natural progression.  And right in time for Easter, no less.

What is Kanye’s fascination with comparing himself to the creator of the universe?  We don’t know where Kanye takes his cues from, but we do know this:  Kanye West is the ultimate center of attention.  His penchant for outrageous comments at very public times is legendary.  Who could forget him earnestly proclaiming that George W. Bush hates black people?  Or interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to let everyone know that she shouldn’t have won?  Kanye knows controversy, and it follows him everywhere he goes.

Good times on vacation, pissing off the masses!
Good times on vacation, pissing off the masses!

Kanye’s ties to the Illuminati are well documented, on this site and otherwise.  As a matter of fact, it is believed by many that his interruption of Taylor Swift was an initiation of sorts, and that taking that embarrassment was part of Kanye’s bringing a young lamb into the fold.  Beyonce’s reaction further progressed this theory.  Then, when Kanye took up with Kardashian, it only furthered his influence and outreach.  There is a school of thought out there that the Illuminati’s entertainment wing is currently embroiled in a power struggle between two couples:  Kanye/Kim vs. Jay-Z/Beyonce.

So, do you think Kanye has the nerve to go through with an obviously controversial album title such as this?  We do.  But only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Kanye West Declares Himself God With New Album Title — “I Am God” Not Kanye’s First Dance With the Devil”

  1. Is this news? The deflected mentality of some “celebrity” in the west coast cultural gutter? Is anybody not under media hypnosis or into idol worship, anybody of any intellect, “celebrating” anything about these people, even thinking of or paying any attention to them, day to day? All Hollywood does is incessantly declare ridiculous crap about themselves. Is there some reason any of us should be exercised or even care what somebody with a narcissistic personality disorder may say? They all think they’re God! Me, me, me, me, me… Your blog needs to find some real relevance, or even get a life!

  2. A rapper who hired a chick who looks exactly as his big booty crush just to get her attention and curses at everyone who gets in his direction — wow very God-like or should I say douchebag?

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