In France, Gay Marriage Protests Turn Violent — Is America More Tolerant or Just Waiting?

Gay marriage protests in France are getting out of hand.
Gay marriage protests in France are getting out of hand.

While the mainstream news media throughout the United States of America vigilantly reports that polls are showing that more Americans than ever are supportive of same-sex marriage, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is taking the news as well.  In France, not only are people protesting against gay marriage, but said protests have become violent and required police to use tear gas and riot gear to control crowds.

As the Supreme Court of the United States prepares to hear arguments that may be crucial in deciding the future of the same-sex marriage initiative in America, we are asking the question of our loyal readers.  Has American sentiment really changed as dramatically as the mainstream media indicates?  Or could it be that President Obama and other high-profile politicians flip-flopping on their gay marriage stances has made it more socially-acceptable for member of all political affiliations to “come out” if you will for gay marriage?

It’s natural that conspiracy theorists may believe that maybe the polls and reports are being doctored to help America take its medicine, so to speak.  If the powers-that-be have decided that gay marriage is on the menu, well, it just makes things easier if we’re all appropriately prepped for its coming.  That way, those that oppose it will be ready to open their mouths up when it is shoved down their throats.  That’s the theory anyway.

On the other side, like the question above, maybe people in America that a year ago thought it would get them in a social situation if they supported gay marriage publicly now believe they can express their true feelings.  Of course, that theory indicates that there was always an existing silent majority in the United States that wanted to support same-sex marriage, but was wont to do so until the current political and social climate.

In any case, if you think that America has not taken this issue too well, just remember the French.  At least no one, so far, has been rioting in the streets against gay marriage.  No cops have had to don their riot shields to control crowds spewing hate for the gay community…or fighting to keep things in accordance with their beliefs.  Depending on your personal feelings and political affiliation, you can decide which of those two explanations makes you have happy thoughts in your head.

So, we want to know what you think, so we’re putting it to you, America…
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