Gulf of Tonkin “Incident” Reminds Americans That the Government Most Certainly Does Lie — Preview of Iran and North Korea?

It always fascinates me the stigma that conspiracy theorists receive in our modern culture. There is little doubt that the government has worked hard to create this atmosphere where people that question things and don’t necessarily take everything that is told to them at face value are crazy or delusional (I know, I know, naysayers…a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theorists). However, even as some people laugh off every conspiracy-type insinuation that comes forth, the Gulf of Tonkin incident stands as just one of many examples throughout history of the American government lying to advance its agenda. In fact, this incident stands as the only false flag operation that the government just simply came out and said, “Yep, you got us on this one.” And yet, thousands of brainwashed Americans roll their eyes when someone suggests something like this could be the root cause behind a myriad of things. The American government doesn’t lie. They don’t stage false flag operations. And they always are looking out for the best interest of all Americans.
This video recounts the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident. While we are not rehashing this conspiracy thoroughly (mainly because there is no reason to rehash a conspiracy theory that is now proven fact), we do believe that it is important to remind everyone of this incident and hopefully inspire them to remain vigilant and aware just in case our government has another Gulf of Tonkin in store for us in the form of Iran or North Korea.
Do you think another Gulf of Tonkin-like false flag operation is imminent, and how many American lives will it cost this time?