Do Various Denominations of Folded Dollar Bills Depict 9/11 Scenes? World Trade Center?

This video explains in detail the viral rumor going around that different denominations of United States dollar bills, from $5 all the way up to $100) reveal interesting and poignant pictures and symbols if folded the right way.  This has caused quite a stir and made big news in conspiracy circles.  The video, viewed by millions, definitely tries to sell its case.  Some of the “revelations” are obviously engineered to make it look to be one thing or another (i.e. smoke), but if you follow the directions, you will find that the images do indeed exist.  What they should be interpreted as is a whole different story.  It is important to note that these bills came out after the events of September 11, 2001, so in know way can it be construed that these are predicting the terrorist attacks.  Instead, they may be completely coincidental (okay, that’s a hard one to swallow), or more likely, purposely hidden as some sort of commemoration.  The original dollar bill has long been examined by conspiracy theorist as containing Illuminati symbols.  What do you think?  Is there fire here, or just smoke?  And the real question is does anyone in America have enough bills to try it in the current economic and unemployment situation?