Cyprus Tax on Bank Deposits a Practice Run for the United States?

Some people in conspiracy circles are beating the drum over  the financial crisis that happened in the small island nation of Cyprus.  To many in the United States of America, the turmoil in such a small place may seem uninteresting at best.  And it certainly seems that the mainstream media thinks so.  You’ll have a hard time finding much more than a blurb about what is happening.  However, many feel that the Cyprus situation may be a small-scale test for what will eventually happen in America.

We won’t use this particular article for a wholesale breakdown of the financial situation in Cyprus, but let is suffice to say that what has really got tongues wagging about this is the concept of a one-time tax on all deposits in banks in Cyprus.  This is to raise a one-and-done cache of money that will help get the nation on its feet again and give their helpers an incentive to help.

Many feel this could happen in America.

Think about it.  If the government decided to create an emergency measure saying, well, we’re just gonna do a one-time take some money from all of your bank accounts to get up this cash for whatever we are trying to do.  Fighting the deficit…fighting a war.  Installing moral law.  Rounding up everyone to send them to FEMA camps.  Whatever the government might have in mind for us, in this digital age, taking the money is easier than ever, and if the right situation comes up, you might be surprised by just how easily and quickly they could do it.

“The Man” explains further in this well-done YouTube video:

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