Chris Christie Unsure About Gay Conversion Therapy: Does It Work Both Ways?

images-22The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie is now on the hamster wheel that goes with being a viable candidate for president a few short years down the road.  Many Republicans are already jumping on the Christie 2016 bandwagon, so as he becomes ever more prominent in the public’s eye, he also has to weigh in on everything and anything.

Christie is generally opinionated, and doesn’t seem to have a big problem with catering to his base if he feels one way or another.  After all, he did give President Barack Obama high marks on his handling of the devastating Hurricane Sandy just weeks before the election, a move that left many Republicans grumbling.  He also will tell you real quick that he is sternly against same-sex marriage.  However, when asked about the possibility of a ban against “gay conversion therapy” in the state of New Jersey, Christie isn’t sure which way is the right way to go.

The state of California has outlawed the practice of this questionable therapy that aims to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals.  Far from a science, the therapy is different everywhere and often involves religious elements as well.  There is no reason to think it is a successful thing, and many gay people see it as an insult, as if there is something wrong with them that these therapies are attempting to “fix.”  A federal court in California has blocked the implementation of the law for now until further review.  Now, there is a bill wanting to institute a similar ban in New Jersey.

Christie said that he just isn’t sure how to go on this issue.  He believes that parents have a right to raise their children in a manner of their own choosing.  By saying this, he means that he doesn’t necessarily like telling parents they can’t try something to get little Timmy back on the straight path if they are so inclined.  However, he goes on to say that there are exceptions to everything and this could be one of them.  Of course, he hasn’t read the bill, and doesn’t even know if it came from Earth or another planet altogether (Christie routinely acts as if a bill he is asked about is some message from the cosmos that he wasn’t told about by his staff).

So, how do you feel about gay conversion therapy?  Should it be banned?  What if an actual gay person really wants to give it a try?  Should it be outlawed even if the party it is to be performed on wants to do it?

There are quite a few issues to consider here.  First of all, if a child is forced into gay conversion therapy by parents that are either homophobic or just simply disappointed, what if the therapy fails?  There is enough stigmatism around the homosexual community in society already without adding more irons to the fire.  Think about it.  The therapy fails, and then the child has to go around being gay and knowing that it couldn’t even be “fixed.”  Isn’t that as dangerous as all of the bullying we hear about constantly?

But wait…it gets deeper.  To be a true “conversion therapy,” would it not follow that it must work both ways?  After all, a conversion indicates there is a chance of reverting back to the previous model.  So, could someone enter into the therapy to become gay?  Could a heterosexual desire to be a homosexual so bad that they were willing to undergo therapy to achieve their goal?

It’s kind of queer when you look at it that way, isn’t it?