BREAKING NEWS: Rand Paul’s Senate Filibuster Enters Ninth Hour — Still Not One Major Mainstream Media Acknowledges

That’s right. It’s tearing up social media, the Internet, and, well, every damn thing in the world but the mainstream media.  Rand Paul’s filibuster, the first in over two years, is gaining support from his peers and has now entered its ninth hour.  And amazingly enough, the mainstream media has yet to report on it once.  As a matter of fact, it will have to be resumed tomorrow now, and yet not one major media source has reported that it has even happened.

This is an American moment.  Social media and the Internet, two “x-factors” that the government laments enough already, have allowed the People to get the message, even while the mainstream media does what it is supposed to.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy think it is time for everyone in America to abandon their bullshit partisan politics and think about one thing, one time, and make a real decision.  If you are a black, white, racist, green, Muslim, once blew up a Federal Building for shits and giggles, operate a conspiracy-themed alternative news website, or you just like to think you live in a land where freedom is paramount, maybe you should take a moment and ask yourself this one question:

Is it okay for President Barack Obama, or any future American President, Democrat or Republican, to have the ability to order a drone strike on an American citizen on American soil without any due process, any trial, or even any bringing up of charges against the individual?  Even in extraordinary circumstances?

If you agree that it is okay, then that’s fine.  I hope you are the first person to die in a drone attack on an American citizen on American soil.  Like a Shakespearean tragedy…you get what you pay for.  Time to pay up.

If you don’t agree that it is okay, then congratulations for joining the only democratic process we’ve seen in this country in a decade.  That’s what is so infuriating about our current national situation.  People politicize these issues…but President Barack Obama, a Democrat, has done nothing but continue the policies of the one he was replacing with all his well-publicized promises of change, George W. Bush.  If you are a Democrat that supports President Barack Obama, you also retroactively support President George W. Bush.  Completely.  Totally.  And you now support expanding on the already atrocious sacrifice of liberties over a terrorist attack that ten years out looks more suspicious than ever.

It’s not about who you support, what party you affiliate with…it’s about the Constitution of the United States of America and this increasingly insane idea that we as citizens of this country still have some rights.

You can be an Obama supporter and still have enough common sense to admit that he is overstepping his bounds.  Just like you could be a Republican seven or eight years ago and admit that while you support your party and leader, you still know when it’s gone too far (war in Iraq?  Patriot Act?)

Can we get back to right and wrong and not just Republican and Democrat?