Another Navy Seal Team 6 Death — Really Bad Luck or Eradication?

The Navy SEAL classification invokes images of some of the most fearless and ferocious warriors on the planet, soldiers that have received and succeeded at the ultimate level of training in their craft.  It is the Navy’s most elite special forces unit, and after SEAL Team 6 successfully took out Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011.  Despite their unparalleled training and expertise, since then, an unfortunate series of events has led to many members of the famous Team 6 losing their lives.

Brett D. Shadle is the latest victim of this phenomenon, whatever the cause might be.  During a parachute training exercise in Arizona, Shadle was killed when he hit another SEAL in midair.  Shadle was pronounced dead at the hospital; the other party is in stable condition, although authorities have refused to release any more information about the other injured soldier except that it is a petty officer, first class.

It was only months after the controversial attack that supposedly wound up in the death of Osama bin Laden that 22 SEALS died in the worst attack in the war in Afghanistan.  The official story is that the SEALs were riding in a helicopter and an Afghan insurgent took it down with a grenade launcher.  Officially, none of the 22 were said to be part of the bin Laden raid.

First things first, this is terribly tragic.  Shadle was a real American hero, any way you look at it.  After surviving so many dangerous missions on behalf of the American people, he ended up meeting his maker in a training incident.  A terrible end to a tough existence, and we extend our sympathies to his family.

Having said that, why is it that this elite fighting force is taking so many casualties?  Both abroad and at home now, it seems that people that were in or around the Osama bin Laden raid have a way of turning up dead.

Not that we’re suggesting there could be a conspiracy or anything.

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