$1.40 Gas Tax to Be Added to Every Gallon — IMF Proposal

This one is not a conspiracy, because you can hear about it anywhere, even in the mainstream media. That’s right, a new study has proposed that the best course of action for, you know, everyone in the whole wide world, is to institute a whopping $1.40 tax on top of the current price per gallon of gasoline. Certainly the kind of plan that will work out great for everyone, right?
The most noteworthy thing about this is the fact that the mainstream media is indeed reporting it. Know what that means? It’s already been decided and they are setting the table to shove it down our throats. Or they might pull their patented switcheroo and push this for a while and then institute only a $1.00 per gallon tax. Then they talk about how they really averted the crisis and saved the American people, and everyone gives a big sigh of relief, wipes their brow, and takes to the roads on vacation to celebrate their good fortune.
Which will it be?