Tim Tebow to Speak to Megachurch with Anti-Gay and Catholic Tendencies — No Coming Out Party for Tebow?

A lot is being made of everyone’s favorite NFL backup quarterback Tim Tebow’s decision to speak to the First Baptist Church Dallas, a megachurch with a pastor that is no stranger to controversy.  Robert Jeffress has attacked just about everyone at some point or another.  He called the Mormon faith a cult from the “pit of Hell.”  He said that if Barack Obama were reelected, he would continue his work paving the way for the Antichrist.  And he even said that Catholicism represents “the genius of Satan” and that all devotees of that branch of Christianity are on a one-way trip to Hell.

And yet, none of those comments hold a torch to what he has to say about gays.  Jeffress never misses an opportunity to rail against homosexuality.  He’s called it every name in the book and says that gays are collectively using Chinese brainwashing techniques to force homosexuality down America’s throat.

Tim Tebow probably didn’t consider much of this when he made the decision to speak to the megachurch in Texas.  After all, this isn’t his first speaking gig, and he probably looked at it as an excellent opportunity to spread his message to thousands of people, but maybe he should have been more aware of the community he was sharing his message with.  What do you think?  Tebow is his own person and has his own ideas, no doubt, but should he be wary of being seen as siding with the likes of Jeffress.  Check out some of his shenanigans below.