The United States Holocaust is Coming!! FEMA Death Coffins Waiting For You?

This video has some disturbing images, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.  We have delved into this topic before here at the CSC.  While it’s a frightening production and a terrible prospect, the slaughtering of the world’s population by a New World Order is one conspiracy theory that we’ve had trouble understanding.  After all, if the goal is to control the population, they’ve done a terrible job of it so far as it keeps going up to record-breaking levels by the minute.  In any case, it’s interesting and we would like to hear what you think.  Is this the strategy of the New World Order to come?

4 thoughts on “The United States Holocaust is Coming!! FEMA Death Coffins Waiting For You?”

  1. wow, now that is scary, Doesn’t surprise me though, people will all start waking up soon, wishing they hadn’t dismissed the so called conspiracy theorists !!

  2. I may be ‘out there’ a little bit, but, with sequestration and the president NOT sending aircraft carrier out because of ‘budget constraints’, does that mean more military jets used on domestic land than abroad? Add the ammunition storing for Feds. Something bad is coming soon, I fear.

  3. I used to think these theories were insanity. I’m a college graduate, phi beta kappa with a degree in American history. When I finally turned off the idiot box and started thinking and investigating the past and present again all of a sudden the conspiracy minded people, the intelligent ones did not seem so looney.

    In point of fact these FEMA facilities have been built, the dhs has purchased excessive ammunition, the Obama administration has claimed the right to kill us citizens without due process, our govt collects every electronic correspondence issued to and from every American and is nearly done the facility in Utah to store it all and more. Our govt is anything but the transparent one Obama promised in 2008. In fact he campaigned both times with one persona and has led with another agenda entirely.

    When has any govt anywhere, at any point in history ever purchased or built a weapon or prison that it did not ultimately use on its own people?

    Who are you going to believe? The gubmint or your own lyin’ eyes? 🙂

  4. This one’s ridiculous.. Who is going to work and pay the taxes that fund the wealthy elite’s luxurious life style if 90% of us are dead?
    The proof is in the fact they continue to encourage us to breed (rather than some Asian countries who only allow their citizens 1.2 kids) even though they know the resources aren’t really there to keep us all.
    Rather they’d prefer a large chunk of us desperate, broke and lacking in resources so we will continue to work menial jobs for minimal pay and keep the wheels turning.

    And the casket liners? Oh come on.. They are built to that size to put whole coffins in, not several bodies. (Though I don’t comprehend the need to preserve the coffins, likely just another money spinner designed to rip off grieving families, capitalizing on their irrational fear of bodies decomposing and going back into the earth as nature intended)

    I can see why storing them along roadsides, visible to the public might scare the pants off folks though. Not real smart on behalf of the company producing them..

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