The Science of False Memories — Are You Being Trained to Remember or to Forget?

There have been many scientific experiments revolving around the concept of false memories.  As the name suggests, a false memory is when a person believes they can actually recollect something that never happened.  Studies have shown that frightening percentages of people will claim false memories as authentic, but still, science has not been able to unravel exactly what goes on behind the scenes to make this possible.  The implications could be very interesting and very grave if science and technology ever figures out a way to use this natural concept as a weapon or means of programming the general public.

mindcontrolWas that conspiracy-ish enough for you?  The thing about these experiments is that they usually involve using a trigger of some sort.  For example, one study suggested things like that former President George W. Bush hung out with a baseball celebrity while on vacation during Hurricane Katrina.  Or that President Obama met with the Iranian president and shook his hand on live television as if they were allies.  Neither of these events, of course, happened, but many people in these studies swore up and down that they did remember it.  What’s more, political affiliations tend to influence the so-called false memories.  Democrats were more likely to remember George W. Bush partying it up while the city of New Orleans suffered, and Republicans were more likely to recollect Barack Obama greeting Ahmadinejad with open arms.  That’s not a surprising revelation, but it does make one question the validity of the study.  After all, did these people really “remember” these events in their own minds, or did they just create the memory at a moment’s notice in order to satisfy their own prejudices?

That is the very question that these studies are trying to answer.  Are these so-called false memories physically present inside the brain already, and these triggers invite people to access them, or are they literally created on the spot?  The implications reminds us of the movie “Inception” where one mind created a world seamlessly as a the dream intrusion unfolded.  That was a nifty concept for a movie, but are we not all creating these worlds behind our eyes all of the time?  Can your mind create a “memory” that is so intensely vivid that it might as well be true?

From a conspiracy standpoint, the real question is how could this eventually be used to program or brainwash citizens?  If the inner workings of false memories were completely fleshed out, it might be used for any number of sinister intentions.  People generally think of mind control as more of someone brainwashing someone to do their bidding or go along with something.  But false memories may give the government an even greater power in the years to come.  That power is to choose what we forget.

See, if false memories can be triggered that easily in ordinary life situations without a plan of any sort, without an agenda, then imagine if they could be purposely triggered en masse.  The next logical step in this equation is to look further and ask ourselves if a false memory could replace a real one.  The instances above about George Bush and Barack Obama were events that never happened, but people believed that they remembered them happening.  This was harmless in this instance, because even if you really believe that you remember that these events happened, it doesn’t really change anything.  George Bush’s handling of the Katrina disaster is not really made that much worse or better by this false memory.  The person’s overall opinion of him is not likely to be changed by this wrinkle.  The same goes for Obama.  But what if it did have a measurable effect?

What if people falsely remembered that George W. Bush did a great job during the Katrina disaster?  What if a person falsely remembered that Bush was on the ground, helping victims, and that the community was shocked at his outpouring of graciousness and support?  This one false memory could possibly change a person’s entire outlook on this person and what he did.  In effect, one false memory could end eight years of negative ones, almost overwriting them like a physical hard drive.  And, like in some movies over the years, the false memory could create a false history that was believed by so many to be true that it might as well be true.  Controlling these false memories could be the ticket for the government to write the history that it wants to have, the history that would further its hold on the nation, and possibly one day garner the people’s support for its next agenda.  We believe that to be a New World Order, but whatever it may be, this could be the way to trigger it.

We always think of the people being held down, oppressed, and forced to do something that they don’t want to when we discuss things like a one-world government and New World Order society.  It is much more likely, however, that technology will allow this to come to pass because we are all programmed to embrace it and throw our support behind it as “history” becomes a mangled tale of government always being there for us, and doing the right thing.  For everyone.

So, do you really remember anything?  Or have you forgotten it?  Or was it never really there to start with?

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