States May Be the Only Hope Left for United States’ Citizens — Disobedience an American Tradition?

The next revolution may be much different than the first.
The next revolution may be much different than the first.

The United States of America is reaching a state of division and polarization that has not been seen since the Civil War era.  This has led many people to believe that a modern civil war could be imminent, but it is quite possible that the early formations have already sprouted.  States all around the U.S. have already expressed their dismay with new laws that they feel represents an ever expanding and over-reaching federal government.  It has really been boiling ever since the 2012 presidential election.  After Barack Obama secured another four years at the helm of a floundering, overspending government, many states had citizens going as far as issuing petitions for their state to secede from the Union.  No one took it to seriously, and with good reason.  The timing is not there for all that, and it was mainly just a bitter overreaction to what for many people was an undesirable election result.  However, what has happened since and some laws that have yet to take effect may be real polarizers, the kind that could make such a movement have some real sticking points this time.

Several states have already gone on the record saying that certain implementations of the federal government will not be honored in their respective states.  For example, the governor or Montana, who in case you were wondering, happens to be a Democrat, says that if the federal government does pass any ban on the right to bear arms (a.k.a. the Second Amendment), it will not apply to Montana.  The Republican Texas governor has said that there are parts of “ObamaCare” that will not be implemented in his state.  Likewise for Louisiana.  The list goes on and on.  Why is this significant?

The states’ right debate is pretty constant in America, but it is reaching new heights.  The reason is that this is going beyond just states flexing their muscles and asking courts to identify exactly where the state government’s power begins and the federal government’s ends.  This is outright defiance.  Disobedience.  They are outwardly declaring that they will not uphold the laws of the United States of America’s federal government in some cases.  They are not asking for clarification or a Supreme Court review.  They already know how that would go by how we got where we are to begin with.  What they are saying is flat and plain.  They won’t do it, they are not going to do it, and they are willing to let the chips fall where they may.

Back during the civil rights movement, the state of Alabama defied a federal integration order, culminating in the historic standing in the schoolhouse door of Governor Wallace.  President John F. Kennedy enforced the federal government’s power by actually sending troops to make sure the law was carried out.  Eventually, Alabama did relent and allow the order to go forward without violence.  But what if several states were doing this on several different issues?  Would President Obama send our military to pockets all over the country to enforce laws that at least half of the population of the country was disgruntled with to begin with?  And what would be the state and people’s response to such an action?

You see, this could be the early shots of a new kind of American Revolution.  See, America was founded on civil disobedience.  The American people fought to remove themselves from a tyrannical government before.  But that required war, death, and destruction.  The next American Revolution could be won without a single shot being fired, potentially.  It all revolves around enough states, and therefore people, standing up to rally against what is happening.

Instead of the War Between the States, the next civil war could likely be the War Between the Nation Formerly Known as the United States of America.
Instead of the War Between the States, the next civil war could likely be the War Between the Nation Formerly Known as the United States of America.

Having said that, there is the demographic that is completely behind President Obama’s plans.  They are all for gun control, all for ObamaCare, all for pretty much anything he says.  These people will probably look at dissenters as dead weight baggage that the United States doesn’t really need anyway.  Ask any honest Democrat if he thinks the Republican Party is the only thing standing between America and utopia, and they will tell you yes.  Ask any honest Republican if he thinks the Democratic Party is the whole problem, they will say yes.  As long as these people that actually believe that one party or another has some noble intention versus the other one and its sinister intentions, then the government will be able to continue to advance its agenda.  When people wake up and realize that it is all one and the same, then maybe something positive could happen.

By the way, good luck on finding honest Republicans or Democrats to pose the question to.  They are nearing extinction, if they ever existed to begin with.

2 thoughts on “States May Be the Only Hope Left for United States’ Citizens — Disobedience an American Tradition?”

  1. This whole mess is caused by all the false reporting, conspiracy theorist and radical News Media Reports. It’s a racist thing. If this were a white Democratic President or a Republican President doing the same thing, there would not be an issue, because Republicans have done things in the past far over reaching any thing President Obama has done and so have other Democrats. I am in my 60’s and I had hoped we had evolved past this. There is so much fear mongering hate from the Radical Right wing, they are going to be the cause of an unnecessary rise in unfounded violence and if they don’t cool it they are going to cause violence and pain that is totally unfounded to innocent people, even of their own party. So irresponsible and Sick!

    1. SJ, This has nothing to do with race or racism and both parties are equally responsible for this mess. You’re being duped if you think that one party here is in the right. This is a problem with our system, and a poorly informed and poorly educated (especially of history) populace.

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