Special Needs Teacher in Indiana Believes Gay People Have No Purpose — Separate Prom Banning Gays?

Meet Diana Medley, a special education teacher from Sullivan, Indiana.  She got really fired up in her plea to get more people to attend a separate prom that bans gay students from attending.  This way they can have a safe and righteous prom all to themselves sans the gayness.  But that wasn’t enough.  She went on to say that gays have “no purpose in life.”  She also says that homosexuality in general is offensive to her because they don’t agree with it.

Okay, so the teacher that oversees retarded kids believes that gay people have no purpose in life.  Should we just electrocute the special needs kids and the gays all at once and get it over with?  I mean, Diana thinks they are all wasting our air, right.  How can she differentiate between all of her hate?  The idea that gays should be prohibited from going to the prom is equally as ridiculous.  Think about it.  Would Diana and the other members of the Sullivan First Christian Church that pitched the idea be able to successfully have atheists or those that believe in other religions banned from the prom?  Of course not.  Even though they don’t agree with them either, and probably find what they believe offensive.

So, what do you think?  Do you want a “good prom” for your children, like Diana Medley?