SOPA is Back!! King Obama Will Pass CISPA With Executive Order Royal Decree

This photo is obviously a fake.  Everyone knows that President Obama uses the autopen to sign executive orders and important stuff like that.  Geez, guys...
This photo is obviously a fake. Everyone knows that President Obama uses the autopen to sign executive orders and important stuff like that. Geez, guys…

No, President Barack Obama is not the first president to use executive orders.  However, he seems to have quite a fondness for using them lately to circumvent Congress, which, in case you were wondering, is not what executive orders were created for in the original system of checks and balances that is supposed to govern our nation.  Executive orders were presidential powers to take action quickly in special situations of national consequence.  They can be overturned by the Supreme Court in due time and are not supposed to take the place of the due process of Congress enacting laws.  Now, President Obama seems to be gearing up for yet another executive order that tramples the political process to advance his own agenda.

We all remember SOPA from last year.  There was plenty of battle cries all over the net.  The Stop Online Privacy Act sounded noble enough on the surface, but in the process of stopping the seedier side of the Internet, it was also going to remove plenty of previously legal freedoms from it.  The people (yes, we still have a We the People, they just don’t seem to stand up very often) rallied against the act.  In an election year, everyone from Obama himself to Congress eventually abandoned the controversial act to make sure they all kept their gravy trains intact.  Now, Obama seems to be circling the wagons.

As always with these things, we’ve been fed plenty of bullshit to get us ready to accept President Obama’s next lifeline to the American public.  You’ve been hearing about hacker attacks, government websites rendered useless, all sorts of credit card heists online… it goes on and on.  The last few months, the mainstream media has sought to instill fear in each and every one of us, believing that online transactions are unsafe and that all of our personal information is on the chopping block.  Now, President Obama will save the day with his executive order address United States cybersecurity issues.  Inside sources have indicated this could happen as soon as next week.  If it is mentioned in Obama’s State of the Union address, you can bet it will only be to propel some more fear mongering before the big day.  Anyhow, the order officially sets up a program of standards that companies online must adhere to, especially those that are considered important to the infrastructure of the United States as a whole.  Of course, we get a dose of terror here as well.  The concept is that things like railroads and water treatment plants could be hacked electronically, endangering millions in the process.  Remember, every freedom is always taken away from citizens in the name of big bad terror.

Like the many orders and laws passed by George Bush after the 9/11 “terrorist” attacks, most will seem necessary to protect us, but it’s the little things that always get slipped in with them that will be the attackers of freedom.  And then there is the simple fact that Obama is overruling Congress, who made its decision on SOPA based on the opinions of ordinary people like you and me.  Why is it that President Obama feels it is okay to pass executive orders when he can’t pass legislation through conventional avenues because, GASP, too many tax-paying, freedom-loving Americans did not want it in their country?

Who died and made this guy king?

Oh, yeah.  American did.  Hail King Obama and his Royal Decrees!  Let no silly Congress, Constitution, or God forbid, the American people, get in his way!

Long live the King!