Michelle Obama Dances With Jimmy Fallon — Why is This a Political Issue? Racist Issue? Any Issue?

This may seem an unusual topic for Common Sense Conspiracy, but bear with us. Call it a slow day in the conspiracy world. But, there’s a point to it.  On the Internet, plenty of people were interested in checking out Michelle Obama’s recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night talk show and her “Evolution of Dancing” satirical skit that she did with the host.  This features her and Fallon, dressed as a woman of course, comically attempting to do different dances over the decades.  The result was quite entertaining, and Michelle Obama comes across as a perfectly down-to-Earth and fun First Lady.

Now, we know that we live in a terribly divided nation, and there are plenty of people that have a problem with President Barack Obama and his policies.  Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t exactly give him a pass on a regular basis.  The point of this article is that some of the backlash in the comments section of threads and videos about Michelle Obama’s appearance have left us wondering if the nation is so divided that everything and anything is now political.  The goofy dancing segment was bombarded with comments of all sorts.  First, there’s the standard racist comments.  I think we all know that this is inappropriate and the work of society’s true degenerates.  But the political degenerates have become just as bad and offensive.  There were literally hundreds of comments complaining that Michelle Obama’s dancing and playing around with Jimmy Fallon was somehow another gross misuse of the American taxpayer’s dollars.  There were terrible comments about her appearance, degrading assessments of everything about her, and even a spirited discussion about how big of a dump she takes (whatever that means).

Now, as we always like to point out here, every Democrat will go, “Well, that’s just what Republicans do.”  But one day when the roles are reversed, and everyone knows they will be because that is the ONE-PARTY system’s promise.  They take turns promoting the same agenda so that people believe they have a choice.  So, sure the Republicans will prevail eventually and will continue the same agenda that is set before them, just as President Obama has now famously continued every policy of George W. Bush, only he has received a Nobel Peace Prize and acclaim for doing the same thing, while Bush is the scapegoat.  In any case, none of this has any bearing on Michelle Obama dancing on Jimmy Fallon, and people who watch this and walk away with some sort of political backlash brewing in their minds probably need to quarantine themselves from everyone else anyway.

If Michelle Obama wants to dance with Jimmy Fallon, can’t we all just laugh?  Is all this douchery really necessary?

There’s plenty of things to object to about the President?  Will we start picking on his daughters next?  Let’s keep it real, America.  If you have a problem with the President, that’s your right.  But does that mean you have a free license to be an asshole to everyone else?

2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Dances With Jimmy Fallon — Why is This a Political Issue? Racist Issue? Any Issue?”

  1. All this douchery is necessarily because we’re all sick of the Hollywood hypocrisy, agenda, all dems good – conservative bad, the list goes on. And yes, Ms. Obama on the Oscars was pathetic.

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