Conspiracy Theories Run Rampant About Asteroid DA14 and Russian Meteor Explosion — International Government Cover-up?

Huge laser saving the world?  Or would you rather stick to Bruce Willis?
Huge laser saving the world? Or would you rather stick to Bruce Willis?

Well, our loyal readers know that we had warned everyone about Asteroid DA14’s uncomfortably close flyby this time last year and continued to update you as more information became available.  We even took you through a brief period when information on NASA’s own website indicated that the asteroid would strike the Earth on February 16, 2013.  According to NASA and a host of amateur astronomers (if that makes you feel any better), despite previous calculations, DA14 passed the Earth today really close, but without any real impact.  That’s good news, unless, of course, you happen to be a conspiracy theorist.  Like ourselves.

There is plenty of chatter around the Internet that NASA’s original calculations are the correct ones and that DA14 is still on its collision course with Earth tomorrow.  Like most conspiracy theories of this nature, there is little or no facts to back it up.  Prominent amateur astronomers have confirmed the passage of DA14 without incident.  Now, the next thing any good conspiracy theorist could say is “What amateur astronomer?” and “How do you know they aren’t in bed with NASA?”  The answer is we don’t know that.  But it seems pretty damn unlikely that someone somewhere on the Earth would not be in bed with NASA, and with an asteroid so close to the Earth that it was observable with the naked eye, and certainly by telescope, there would have to be thousands of people that would be raising their hand right now if NASA and the government were pulling the wool over our eyes on this one.  So far, not even the nuttiest conspiracy theorist on the usual forums and message boards has brought any realistic, tangible evidence that DA14 is still on the loose.

However, two interesting things are fueling other theories.  First was the very unorthodox meteor explosion in Russia today.  We posted some good video information about the meteor situation as it was happening earlier on our front page, but many are drawing parallels between the unusually close passage of DA14 and the even more unusual meteor disintegration that actually managed to cause over a thousand Russians to become injured.  That’s two cosmic rarities in a twenty-four hour period.  Can it be possible that it’s a coincidence?  Well, many people don’t think so and here’s some of the “evidence” for why the asteroid and the meteor are very related.

Okay so that is a little weird...
You’ll have to click on it to see the animation and the “laser beam.” Okay, so it is a little weird…

An “illustration” shown on ABC News today got a lot of attention.  The picture, seen at right, is supposed to show DA14.  It also shows a pulse of light that enterprising conspiracy theorists say is an Earthly weapon being used to destroy or alter the path of DA14.  The idea is that an international coalition knew that DA14 was indeed going to strike the Earth and worked together to use a powerful laser beam to break up the asteroid just in time to avoid the extinction of the human race, or at least some major cities.  In so doing, some pieces of the asteroid broke off, and because of its super-close proximity to the Earth, these pieces entered the atmosphere and disintegrated, causing sensational sonic booms that damaged buildings and glass and injured over a thousand people.  A small price to pay to save the Earth, don’t you think?

The first problem with this interesting and complex theory is that the ABC News photo was shown all over the world and would certainly have never seen the light of day if what people are saying is in it is really what is happening.  However, the “sequence of photos” does have a glaring problem.  In the accompanying article and the sensationalist narrative by Cynthia McFadden on the newscast, no mention is made of the beam of light that is clearly seen and what it could be.  It looks like someone would have deemed that an explanation was necessary.

Secondly, if you really want to say that the meteor above Russia was sprung off of DA14, first you have to look at your timetables.  But which one?  If you follow NASA’s timetables, then there’s no way you can mathematically make that work out for you.  If you follow the conspiracy cover-up timetable, DA14 hasn’t even passed the Earth yet and is still set for a collision sometime tomorrow morning.  In that scenario, we better hope there is an international coalition to shoot a laser beam to break up DA14, because we’re about to be toast.  Of course, since the meteor happened today, the timetables are way off.  Unless you wish to combine your conspiracy theories… okay, deep breath.  DA14 did not pass today and the media and government wanted us to think it did without incident.  It is really going to strike the Earth tomorrow.  But they wouldn’t wait till the last second.  So they already shot the disintegrating laser beam at it earlier, causing the “meteor” to spring off, enter the Earth’s atmosphere a day earlier, explode over Russia.  Meanwhile DA14’s trajectory has been altered and it is winging its way back into space and away from the Earth, even as people all over the world think it already passed this morning, even as the meteor was exploding.

Complicated stuff, people?  Don’t believe everything you hear.  That goes for conspiracy nuts, NASA operatives, and government officials alike.

And most importantly, don’t trust those charlatans at Common Sense Conspiracy.