Who’s the Next Pope? Catholics Get Ready: He’s Black…and His Name is Peter

The real Black Pope???
The real Black Pope???

St. Malachy said the 112th and final, in his visionary opinion, pope would choose the name of Peter.  Now, that’s a little controversial, unless of course, his name was Peter.  Enter Peter Turkson.  The new frontrunner for Pope, courtesy Pope Benedict’s mysterious resignation.  Ever heard of the Black Pope?  Sure you have.  If you read Common Sense Conspiracy, you know all about it.  But is the Catholic world ready for the real black Pope?

Peter Turkson is black.  From Ghana, he is the current president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  He is the pride of Ghana and a mover and shaker in the Catholic Church’s higher regions.  And all eyes are on him to see if he could become the first black-skinned “direct line to God.”

And you thought it was Barack Obama?  (Okay, maybe an ill-timed racial humor jab, but hey, Benedict didn’t die, he just resigned…give us a break!)

But the scariest part of Turkson is not his skin color.  His name is Peter.  And as the first black Pope, may he feel some need to claim one for himself and take his own name, as many Pope’s do not.  Is it time for Peter the Roman, a black man from Ghana?  And can white Catholics take it?

If you are betting on St. Malachy, then this looks really good for you.  A lot of naysayers to his prophecies have relied on the idea that no one would disrespect Peter by choosing that name.  But what if it really was their name?  What if Peter Turkson decides to honor his heritage by claiming the papacy for himself with his own given name…even if it is Peter?

Number 112 is getting more interesting by the moment.  It’s gonna be a long month of papal crisis…

We can’t get enough.


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  1. I am curious to know whether Peter Tuckson will be the next (and final ?) pope.

    Will he be the False Prophet supporting anti-Christ ?

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