Canadian Government Nixes Bill C-30 — The Way Democracy is Supposed to Function

Well, the United States government and President Barack Obama should take a good, long, hard look at their neighbors to the north.  The Canadian government has proven itself to be by and for the people this week, as they abandoned a controversial bill.  Why did they abandon it?  Lobbyists not behind it?  Voting time up ahead?  Polls came back bad?  Nope.  In a surprising move that would be absolutely Earth-shattering if it were to happen in America just once in this day and age, the Canadian government abandoned a controversial piece of legislation because the Canadian people had concerns about it.

The Canadian Parliament shook up the world by doing its job.  Amazing!
The Canadian Parliament shook up the world by doing its job. Amazing!

Whoa, wait, what did you say?  That’s right.  There is actually a government right next door to the United States that just made a decision based on the will of the people.  It is incredible, and it reminds us just how far the American government has distanced itself from what it is supposed to be about.

Bill C-30 was called the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.  It was called that for a reason:  to make anyone that opposed it feel like a dirtbag.  However, the bill gave the government sweeping new abilities for warrantless wiretapping and online surveillance.  The people rallied against it from the beginning saying that C-30 simply went too far.  But what really got everyone in an uproar was when Public Safety Minister Vic Toews responded to the opposition to C-30 by saying that there were only two options for everyone…they could stand with C-30 or stand with the child pornographers.  It turns out Canadian citizens weren’t too thrilled about being lumped in with child predators just because they cared about their rights.  The opposition increased until today, when Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson officially announced that Bill C-30 as it now known will not be pursued any longer.  And he went on to give a jaw-dropping explanation that should be engraved in every member of the United States’ government heads:

“We’ve listened to the concerns of Canadians who have been very clear on this and responded to that.”

Amazing.  Just once wouldn’t you like to see something like this happen in American government?

But don’t hold your breath.  While Obama is busy quashing American ideals with a barrage of historic executive orders, you can bet that no one on this side of the border will be doing something with America’s best interests in mind anytime soon.