Bus-Sized Meteorite Strikes Russia — 1000’s Injured — Mass Panic?

While meteorites enter the Earth’s atmosphere regularly, most are not large enough to cause much of a disturbance.  In Russia’s Siberia today, however, a bus-sized meteorite lit up the sky with flashes of light and sonic booms while disintegrating.  The booms were so brilliant that it caused widespread damage, from shattered windows to physical building damage.  Over 1,000 people have reported injuries so far from the incident which caused quite a bit of hysteria, as many didn’t understand what had happened and thought the meteorite might be a missile attack.  Most of the injuries were caused by glass sent flying by the booms.

The meteorite did not actually strike the Earth’s surface.  It disintegrated several miles up, but its size, theorized to be around ten tons and roughly the size of an ordinary bus, caused one amazing fireworks display.  The meteorite was travelling at speeds of approximately 30,000 miles per hour when it ran into the atmosphere and started breaking up.  This is the first time a meteorite this large has done something like this since the era of cell phone and security cameras, and the videos are rolling in by the minute.  A couple of good ones are below to give you an idea of what it was like in Russia today.

As you might imagine, the incident scared a lot of people, but what may be the most frightening thing about it is that no one had any clue that it was going to happen.  Sometimes, as advanced as we think we are here on Earth, nature can us who is the boss really fast.