Olympic “Bladerunner” Oscar Pistorius’ Story — O.J. Simpson Murder Debacle for New Era?

Olympic-Blade-Runner-inspires-US-troops-RT205LSC-x-largeIt was a feel-good story.  Oscar Pistorius became the first to compete in the Olympics with prosthetic legs.  He ran.  He didn’t win but he was in it.  He was an inspiring story.  But on Valentine’s Day, 2013, Pistorius may have transformed from the legendary beloved “Bladerunner” to something a lot closer to “The Juice.”  O.J. Simpson that is.  But will Pistorius’ three-act play turn out the same?

It’s not America.  It’s South Africa.  But just like with Simpson, the world is watching, and because Pistorius’ inspiring story was an international one, it could very well become an international issue.  Will celebrity matter in one of the craziest murder scenarios since O.J. invented the game?

Pistorius has been charged with South Africa’s version of premeditated murder, which carries a sure life sentence in prison for the track star.  The story was pretty messed up from the beginning, but now it has hit its fullest tabloid potential with the revelation that Pistorius shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, while she was sitting on the shitter.  The story is that Steenkamp was “sleeping over” when Pistorius awoke during the middle of the night and went out on the balcony for some fresh air.  When he came back inside, he detected noises from the bathroom.  Not looking to see if Reeva was still in his bed, he instead opened fire, firing four shots, three of which struck Reeva, leaving her dead.

Okay, yes the story is chock full of holes.  In every way you can imagine.  On the one side, why would Pistorius be so paranoid.  Yes, his South African area is not known for peace, love, and solitude.  Yet, he knew his girlfriend slept over.  She went to the bathroom.  Why would a would-be burglar be hanging out in the bathroom adjoining the bedroom, making all manner of normal, everyday “bathroom noises?”  From that viewpoint, it looks like an open-and-shut case.

Shady?  Not at all
Shady? Not at all

And yet, we conspiracy theorists smell a rat, don’t we?  Pistorius is simply not that dumb.  Did he really want to kill Reeva so badly that he trumped up this ridiculous story?  Did he really think this was fly and everyone would grieve for him and call it a big, fat accident?  No way he thought that.  No way he walked in and made a conscious decision.

Unless, of course, he knew that he could get away with it.

South Africa abolished jury trials in 1969.  It’s no secret that South Africa is a nation with some shady circumstances surrounding almost its every move.  So, how do you feel knowing that despite the charges brought against Mr. Pistorius, guess who will decide his fate?

One man.  One judge.  One vote.

That’s right.  It’s up to one man to decide what becomes of the “Bladerunner.”

It’s gonna be interesting…but much like O.J. Simpson, the court of public opinion may be more damning than the legal one.  Because as more sordid details arise, and it’s not getting any better, it may be that the whole world is looking at one South African court to see if a murderer is about to walk free.

Unless of course it is a very dynamic framing job.  You know, like O.J. Simpson.

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  1. There is a rat.Why would this guy throw his life away.? These cases make no sense whatsoever .

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