Atlantis Discovered Under Indian Ocean?

Continental drift may have caused this mysterious "micro-continent" to sink below the Indian Ocean.
Continental drift may have caused this mysterious “micro-continent” to sink below the Indian Ocean.

In a journal called Nature Geoscience, researchers have made a surprising announcement that has mostly flown under the radar. A “lost continent” has been discovered deep beneath the Indian Ocean. As you might imagine, plenty of people are scrambling to try to find out if this thing is Atlantis. Well, maybe a distant relative. This sunken island is being termed a “micro-continent” by Trond Torsvik, the leader of a group of scientists from the University of Oslo that have been conducting the study.
The going theory here is that when the continents were all connected together millions of years ago and started to split, this relatively small land mass sunk under the island of Mauritius. The idea that the continents slowly but surely drifted away from each other is a well-documented and accepted scientific theory called continental drift. Many scientists subscribe to the logic of continental drift because if you take the continents of the Earth and look at them like puzzle pieces, you can actually kind of see where the original massive single continent could have been an assembly of these fragments.
For the record, scientists don’t believe there will be any sign of habitation on the island. No lost cities, and certainly no sign of Atlantis. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled on the glass pyramids supposedly found beneath the Bermuda Triangle as the most likely sign of the Lost Continent.
We’ll keep you updated as more information comes available in this still very interesting find.